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Now Comey's Hitting the Late Shows to Mock Trump

19 Abril 2018, 05:00 | Bibiana Flor

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But he said he took Trump "at his word" when he explained to Holt that Russia was the motivating factor.

And we thought the FBI knows things that we don't know.

"He has nothing but disdain for President Trump", Stephanopoulos said, adding, "And it clearly pains him to think he had a big role in electing Donald Trump. America needs you", Comey tweeted in response to comments that President Trump made about McCabe earlier that day. "I don't mean it in the sense that Donald Trump is out breaking legs or shaking down shopkeepers". But with the publication of Comey's book, "A Higher Loyalty", scheduled for Tuesday, the battle kicked into a much higher and crazier media gear Sunday night.

"I'm like the breakup he can't get over", Comey told Stephen Colbert yesterday while reflecting on the mean tweets that Trump has repeatedly fired off at the former FBI head.

According to him, the Republican Party has turned into a Trump party. "He denied it in pretty strong terms and asked if he looked like the kind of guy who needed the services of hookers", Comey responded. He didn't want to rock the boat, he didn't want to challenge or irritate his boss and he specifically failed in speaking truth to power.

American intelligence agencies have said Russia interfered in the 2016 election through a campaign of propaganda and hacking in a scheme to sow U.S. discord and help get Trump elected. "(Trump) then ended the meeting by thanking everybody".

"And so I left that part out. And excused everyone, including the vice president". "To the truth", Colbert offered.

Colbert closed his interview with Comey by asking the former FBI director how the United States should move forward in the future. The way he characterized his own feelings and actions makes me wonder how he became FBI director in the first place.

Comey also spoke to Colbert about his new book, A Higher Loyalty, the Clinton email investigation, and telling Trump about the infamous 'golden showers' dossier.

However, he told Guthrie that he doesn't know if he'd change his decision, even if he knew what he knows now. "It's the family, the family, the family, the family".

Watch the full interview below.

Nadler said House Republicans appeared to be trying to hold Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in contempt. Historians and students of the Trump era will likely dismiss it as lacking any meaningful contributions. Lots of others are set to follow. "Does the investigation go on?" And, by the way, it is on tape. Colbert then insisted Comey have "some more wine", seemingly to loosen his tongue.

Colbert asked Comey's reaction to criticism by the president.

Russia denies it interfered, despite substantial evidence. Chuck Schumer says during a 2016 Senate debate "I was appalled by what Comey did" and "I found it hard to believe that Comey, who I thought had some degree of integrity, would do this".

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