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Guardiola's tactical 'gift' is 'second to none in the world'

24 Marcha 2018, 02:19 | Cornelio Vivanco

Guardiola's tactical 'gift' is 'second to none in the world'

Guardiola's tactical 'gift' is 'second to none in the world'

That is an advantage to Arsenal in this debate.

"The way we see football is quite similar".

But the one thing Klopp won't do is put out a Jose Mourinho-style team which will be intended to stifle City.

Liverpool have been drawn to face Manchester City in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League.

This season saw both teams winning their home games against each other, with the Reds being the only side to defeat City in the league so far this season.

City are also worried any hostility could lead to similar retaliatory scenes ahead of the second leg a week later.

Sevilla have another mountain to climb against Bayern Munich but as we've already noted, no one gave them a hope against Manchester United. "In these knockout ties, anything can happen".

"For us, this is just the beginning. Obviously because I play with Kevin, I wish Kevin the best". "This year, we're a real strong team, and we understand Pep Guardiola's philosophy, have improved a lot and know what he wants from us". With reports that the FA are concerned that his team are becoming badly behaved, the spotlight is likely to fall upon the players in their upcoming high-profile matches.

Scholes believes that the Reds will have a 'great chance' of beating City to reach the Champions League semi-finals, especially if Salah continues his fine form for Liverpool. When the going got tough, City dropped points.

Promising to show Manchester City's players "what money can't buy", one group of Liverpool fans is planning to give the City coach an intimidating guard of honour toward the club.

There simply isn't a country on the continent that comes close to matching their excellence on the European stage. Those who copy will always be several steps behind. His football is influenced by the past, adapted for the present and always looking to the future.

It wasn't that long ago when a number of well-placed commentators were suggesting that Premier League clubs were primed to rule Europe once again.

"For me, my positional game", he said. One bought from Germany, one locally developed.

"You must compete against the best to get to the final and, of course, to win it". As I have said many times before when I moved from Portugal to Monaco it was difficult for the first month.

"Release the ball and go forward, Leroy was the same, it doesn't matter if you lose the ball".

The German said: "I think it is an absolute dream draw - for all Manchester United fans".

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