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Senators Prepare Bill to Block Firing of Special Counsel

31 Julio 2017, 04:39 | Bibiana Flor

Senators Prepare Bill to Block Firing of Special Counsel

Attorney General Jeff Sessions boards his plane at Andrews Air Force Base Md. Thursday

He then forced his press secretary, Sean Spicer, to resign, effective after the end of August, by removing him from the daily press briefings. And Trump's denunciations of Sessions with the clear intent of axing the special counsel make him look guilty of political or economic quid pro quos with the Kremlin. This, after a week of being berated by Trump in the most public fashion as weak and ineffective. "I've understood that from the day I took the job". Or, so he thought!

Sekulow said that any focus by the Special Prosecutor on previous negotiations and deals that Trump was involved in before he campaigned, had nothing to do with the investigation. None donated any money to Trump, or any other Republican presidential candidate in the last campaign.

She doesn't want to alienate that quantum of voters willing to vote for Democrats to check Trump but not wanting to force an impeachment trial, which would, as in 1999, result in acquittal in the Senate.

Trump Jr., Kushner and Manafort are all set to testify in Congress about their dealings with Russian Federation and its government.

If Trump has nothing to hide, as he has maintained from the beginning, then why stop the investigations? Many of these same members, such as Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah) would later embrace Trump. "Otherwise, I'll say, Tom, you're fired".

The media is increasingly discredited and polls more poorly than Trump.

Trump now has the power to get rid of Mueller, but it's indirect. One thing Democrats and maybe some Republicans will demand is a commitment that Mueller not be fired or his investigation not be limited.

Like most Americans, the poor Secretary of State just wanted a break from the Trump frenzy, which shows no sign of abating. When the New York Times reporting on his son's June 9, 2016, meeting with a Russian government attorney implicated his own family in the investigation, he expressed fear that Mueller might investigate his family business-a "violation" he said would be "unfair" to the presidency.

The attacks on Mueller are two-pronged. Trump fired James Comey because the FBI was investigating Russian interference in the election.

However, he added that he and Mr Trump have a "harmony of values and beliefs". As such, both have potential conflicts of interest in how this all plays out. Trump argues that the day before Mueller was appointed Special Counsel he was being interviewed to head the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Pointing to Price, a former six-term congressman from Georgia, whom he put in charge of selling the GOP reform bill, Trump said, "By the way, are you going to get the votes?" "I don't even read that carefully".

Finally, after Rosenstein specifies the crimes, Mueller could be invited to seek an expansion of his jurisdiction if he can demonstrate that he has legitimately found evidence of other crimes.

It has always been my contention that the political marketplace, like the economic marketplace, operates tolerably well when competitors, constrained by the rule of law, act out of rational self-interest. Those realities will destroy Mr. Trump, his family and their business reputation unless they change their strategy toward the Russian Federation probe. He can blame Sessions for not firing Mueller, who's done nothing that merits dismissal, but it's still Trump who has to wear the jacket for Mueller's appointment. Perhaps nothing could be done to unify the nation or the political parties more than Trump acting like Caesar. We would all finally find out exactly what laws - if any - Trump is suspected of violating.

"The GOP ". denied Trump an Obamacare repeal bill and instead sent him a Russian Federation sanctions bill he didn't want.

CBS News' Nancy Cordes points out that while Grassley can change the schedule if he wanted to accommodate a last-minute pick, the tweet comes as a warning shot directed at Mr. Trump that if he chooses to terminate Sessions from his role at the Justice Department.

"He is determined to move this country in the direction he believes it needs to go to make us great again..."

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