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Robert Mueller Threatens Trump With Court Order Over Russia Probe

02 May 2018, 07:52 | Bibiana Flor

Robert Mueller Threatens Trump With Court Order Over Russia Probe

Robert Mueller Threatens Trump With Court Order Over Russia Probe

Since at least early this year, Robert Mueller has discussed the possibility of interviewing Donald Trump for the investigation.

Mueller is leading the probe investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election and any potential connections between Trump campaign associates and the Kremlin. Which means Stephen Colbert had a pile of topics to make jokes about on "The Late Show" Tuesday night. No prosecutor would settle for less.

President Trump's lawyers say they have yet to decide if they'll advise him to sit for an interview with Mueller's team. Mueller knows pretty much what happened regarding Flynn, Comey and Sessions.

"Kelly said Trump's an idiot and that, quote, 'We've got to save him from himself.' Save Trump from himself?"

That revelation came amidst a series of developments escalating the anti-Trump campaign being conducted by sections of the military/intelligence apparatus, working in conjunction with the Democratic Party and aligned media outlets, who consider the fascistic billionaire too "soft" on Russia and insufficiently aggressive in expanding the US war for regime-change in Syria.

"Trump has a list of questions he'd like to ask Robert Mueller". Many of the questions begin with "what did you think about" or "what was the purpose of" various meetings, actions, tweets and other things Mueller already knows took place.

Republicans have successfully turned Pelosi into a boogeywoman among their base, spending tens of millions of dollars in attack ads that prominently featured the California Democrat.

Third, reporters, mimicking the White House spin, act as though Trump's testimony is entirely optional. Mueller is playing it strictly by the book and is sticking to his mandate. And in 1997, in Clinton v. Jones, the Court directed Clinton to comply with a subpoena for his deposition in Paula Jones' civil sexual harassment lawsuit against him.

The investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election is usually shrouded in mystery. Those arguing Trump "can't obstruct justice when he's acting as president" will need a new rationale to defend the embattled president.

Rosenstein says the Justice Department wants to cooperate with members of Congress but within reason. "But there is disagreement over that." former federal prosecutor Scott L. Fredericksen told CBS News. If Mueller finds Trump did commit criminal acts, he can suggest in his report that impeachment is appropriate and/or recommend that Trump be indicted after he leaves office.

■ A change in the GOP platform to favor Russia's military intervention in the Ukraine. It's a playbook the GOP plans to use again in 2018.

The don't-do-an-interview camp may have been the origin of an account of the questions Mueller has told Trump's lawyers he wants to ask - seeking to illustrate the breadth and detail that Trump would need to cover and the potential pitfalls that could create. Giuliani allegedly told the special counsel that while Trump is still opposed to the idea, a future interview isn't off the table.

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