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Southwest Airlines accident: Terrifying images and video surface after engine explodes

24 Abril 2018, 03:53 | Azura Castelo

Southwest Airlines accident: Terrifying images and video surface after engine explodes

Southwest Airlines accident: Terrifying images and video surface after engine explodes

In a brief statement late Wednesday, an FAA official said the agency will issue an order in the next two weeks to require ultrasonic inspection of fan blades on some CFM56-7B engines after they reach a certain number of takeoffs and landings.

A public memorial service for Riordan is set for Sunday in Albuquerque.

National Transportation Safety Board investigators examine damage to the engine of the Southwest Airlines plane that made an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

"We prepare for them we train for them, we train for them", said Pate. He said the airline hires GE to do heavy overhaul or maintenance work on all of its engines. "We would do a very methodical investigation", NTSB chairman Robert Sumwalt.

Passengers praised one of the pilots, Tammie Jo Shults, for her cool-headed handling of the emergency.

"The airline expects minimal disruption to the operation during the course of the inspections".

Bourman said she was seated near the back and was asleep when she heard a loud noise and oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling. She was an executive for Wells Fargo where colleagues considered her a natural and effective leader. "There are going to be other people that are going to be having nightmares, can't sleep, [struggle with] job performance ... those people are going to need professional counseling". Passenger Kathy Farnan said, "They were also taking care of everybody with running around with oxygen, making sure everybody had enough oxygen".

Captain Deeds expects a memo to be sent to all airlines about this. Immediately after, there was a second explosion and a window on the aircraft shattered. Investigators said the plane landed at an unusually high speed because the pilots feared losing control if they flew slower.

Sumwalt said he was not yet ready to draw any broader conclusions about the engines.

There were 143 passengers on board the plane including Jennifer Riordan.

On Tuesday, a broken fan blade touched off an engine explosion on Southwest Airlines flight 1380, shattering a window of the Boeing 737 jet and killing a passenger. The plane is the most popular commercial airplane in the world.

"The dangerous dirty secret of the airline industry is their use of low paid mechanics in foreign countries to maintain passenger aircraft", said John Samuelsen, president of the national Transport Workers Union.

Friend Racheal Russo said Shults "loved" her military career and says she learned by overcoming obstacles things as a woman in a male-dominated field. "They are still going to get the oxygen through (their) mouth".

Aboulafia said the failure have been caused by a fluke, like debris on the runway, or something like a manufacturing error.

"The little girl with her itty bitty hands tried to help me", Mackey remembered.

The engine on a Southwest Airlines plane is inspected as it sits on the runway at the Philadelphia International Airport. Shrapnel from the engine left a 5-by-16-inch hole just above the wing. But Cohen said the question will be the plane, not the crew.

"Although the number of fan blades requiring the inspection remains the same, the number of engines involved with this inspection has significantly increased", it said.

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