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Zuckerberg asked to appear before UK MP's

21 Marcha 2018, 07:44 | Bibiana Flor

Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon

Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon

It's been a huge scandal in both the US and Europe, and politicians have called for a closer examination of what tech firms are doing and how they work.

Cambridge Analytica, which is partly owned by hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer, played a role in Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, and the connection raises continued concerns over the influence Facebook had in the election.

Facebook is due to face the US Congress on Wednesday as pressure grows.

As it is, while Zuck would undoubtedly piss off the MPs by giving them a stiff ignoring - and it's not a savvy business move - legally he is safe. "What's the extent of the damage?"

Cambridge Analytica failed to respond to an access request by the UK Information Commissioner's Office, forcing the authority to seek a warrant "to obtain information and access to systems and evidence", it said in a statement.

Parakilas is an outspoken critic of the company. Cambridge Analytica has denied all the media claims.

Mr Nix declined to answer questions as he left the Cambridge Analytica building at 6.30pm and climbed into a black Mercedes.

"I can understand that they did not appreciate how their strategy of growing at any cost might have negative repercussions", McNamee said.

Facebook, however, denies any lapse on its part, claiming the data was accessed from only those user who downloaded the application, accepting it's terms and conditions.

Kenya's opposition reacted angrily to the reports of Cambridge Analytica's involvement in the Kenyan elections.

Zuckerberg has also been invited to address the European Parliament, its president Antonio Tajani said.

But it said that issues reported by Britain's Observer newspaper "affected substantially U.S. Facebook users" and was already being investigated by the British regulator.

The executives filmed by Channel 4 News also discuss potential coordination between Trump's campaign and outside Super PACs, which is supposed to be illegal in the United States.

When investors buy a share in a company, they're essentially betting its profits will improve and the company will get bigger.

Nix was suspended by the research firm's board of directors after a video published by Channel 4 that showed him talking about the use of bribes and prostitutes to sway political elections. The company, Cambridge Analytica, has been accused of improperly using information from more than 50 million Facebook accounts.

Alexander Nix, the CEO of Cambridge Analytica.

Shares of Facebook fell another 3% Tuesday on the heels of the company's worst day in four years.

Cambridge Analytica obtained Facebook account data without users' knowledge.

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