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Why Facebook's Suspension of Cambridge Analytica is Instructive for Kenya — Kenya

20 Marcha 2018, 06:56 | Bibiana Flor

Why Facebook's Suspension of Cambridge Analytica is Instructive for Kenya — Kenya

About 270,000 people installed a data-harvesting Facebook app which was portrayed as part of an online personality quiz that participants were paid to take

Following the data leakage of its 50 million users for alleged political purposes, Facebook suffered the biggest one-day drop of its stocks by seven per cent on Wall Street on Monday in four years, Xinhua new agency reported earlier in the day.

He said the company could "send some girls" around to a rival candidate's house, suggesting that girls from Ukraine are beautiful and effective in this role.

Vice president of marketing Carolyn Everson admitted that she was 'outraged and beyond disturbed' by the reports while addressing the ShopTalk retail conference, adding: "If the allegations are true, this is an incredible violation of everything that we stand for".

In the letter, Damian Collins MP, chair of the DCMS committee, wrote that Facebook's officials had been "repeatedly" asked questions about what happens to its data, and each time officials had been "misleading".


An FTC spokeswoman said in emailed statement that the agency is aware of the issues that have been raised, but can't comment on whether it is investigating.

This followed reports that Facebook's head of security Alex Stamos intends to quit his post amidst irreconcilable disagreements over how the company handles disinformation.

This latest scandal only serves as further warning to anyone who makes frequent use of the website.

A spokeswoman for Facebook Ireland told that the controversy involving the UK data firm Cambridge Analytica primarily affected US Facebook users' data.

The company has announced it's rebranding the Ataribox as the Atari VCS in a nod to the 2600's little-used full name and plans to show prototypes of the system, the Classic Joystick and the Modern Controller at the Game Developers Conference this week.

Lawmakers have called on Zuckerberg to explain his company's actions. However, Facebook disagrees with the term "data breach" and rejects the accusations that are currently put on the company's shoulders.

A British parliamentary committee on Tuesday summoned Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to answer questions on fake news as authorities step up efforts to determine whether data has been improperly used to influence elections. Cambridge Analytica has said it complied with Facebook's rules. One, using social media and data analytics has already become increasingly important since the last elections.

The FTC fined Google $22.5 million in that case for collecting data on users of Apple's Safari browser without their knowledge. Facebook's lack of disclosure on the harvesting of data could violate privacy laws in Britain and several states.

In the US, a number of attorney generals have launched investigations into how Facebook data has been used.

Christopher Wylie, a former employee of Cambridge Analytica, has been prevented from using the social network after he leaked details of the firm's controversial profiling techniques to The New York Times and The Observer.

All great empires reach their zenith at some point, their moment when they stand at the peak of their power and glory, the epoch before they begin their inevitable decline.

On Monday, Channel 4 News broadcasted hidden camera footage in which Cambridge Analytica chief executive Alexander Nix appears to suggest tactics the company should use to discredit politicians online. A lot of the news is quite intriguing, especially for those of us concerned with our personal privacy on the interwebs. The disclosure of such data could have helped Trump's consultants to link people's preferences with approximate locations and outlined the view on how to attract the potential voters.

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