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Pompeo expected to be tougher on US foreign policy — News Analysis

15 Marcha 2018, 01:10 | Bibiana Flor

Pompeo expected to be tougher on US foreign policy — News Analysis

Pompeo expected to be tougher on US foreign policy — News Analysis

Perhaps the only surprising thing about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's firing was the brutal and sudden nature of the ejection.

As the person who delivered the president's daily brief, Pompeo also got plenty of facetime with Trump. Ben Sasse of Nebraska, who said, "Americans ought to be leading a conversation with our NATO allies about a collective response to this act and future acts of aggression".

During the press conference, the former Exxon Mobil chief told reporters that he would be handing the department over to the care of Deputy Secretary John Sullivan by end of day Tuesday, and that his last official day on the job will be March 31.

But there is no doubt that President Trump would feel quite comfortable with his choice to replace Secretary Tillerson, Michael Pompeo, the current director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Is he going to be just a yes man at the State Department?

MARTIN: I want to ask you about Gina Haspel.

The firing comes as Trump prepares for delicate talks with North Korea's Kim Jong Un. Tillerson also called his boss a "moron" after a July 2017 meeting at the Pentagon.

While Tillerson survived a tumultuous year amid rampant speculation that the White House wanted him out, he was unable to use a much-touted alliance with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to keep his job. "Rex", he said, "eat the salad".

From the perspective of Jamaica and the Caribbean, however, a greater danger to maintaining and expanding a relationship with the United States is that America under Trump just might not care. He may have had all the trappings of the office of secretary of state, but little of the authority of his predecessors.

For the U.S. president, I think we have to manage expectations.

Monday, Kaine tweeted that while a representative, Pompeo had advocated an attack on Iran, and said it was "dangerous" for him to be nominated to head the State Department. Instead, he argued the opposite: The country, he said, would be ruined, not by military defeat or excessive mercy, but by torture. Will that complicate these talks?

Working people in the United States-and around the world-have no alternative within the framework of capitalist politics.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) issued a statement citing the same examples for Pompeo, sounding the alarm on Haspel as well.

Trump has since softened his tone towards the Qataris as the State Department repeatedly urged the countries to engage in dialogue.

Pompeo will follow Trump before he follows the strategic playbook to which this administration claims to adhere. On the Republican side, Condoleezza Rice is the gold standard of interagency cooperation.

Dr. Jeanne Zaino: This is what we don't know. He said the CIA's "old-school guys who used to do Kremlin work" in the days of the Soviet Union are now tracking the political machinations surrounding the congress that's held in China only once every five years. "The North Korean people I'm sure are lovely people and would love to see him go". But equally, the continued existence of an existential threat from North Korea remains unacceptable for US public opinion, and for much of the strategic community. So far, they haven't given up anything.

The White House said it was dismissing Goldstein, NBC News reported. Gosh! What can you do to get him off your back?

This means that North Korea took firmly its position in the "service record" of Tramp's political failures.

Before leaving on a trip to California, Trump spoke openly of their differences-singling out the Iran nuclear deal-as he explained the rationale for the latest departure from his chaotic White House. He has shared the Saudi view that the long and tortuous negotiations in Vienna and Geneva were an Iranian diplomatic masterclass which conned the international community into lifting sanctions in return for time-limited commitments that it never intended to honor anyway.

Two good ones to start with are Democrats: Madeleine Albright and Leon Panetta.

Nothing about North Korea is promising.

Trump, of course, may not mind this at all. So I don't think that there are ramifications necessarily for Alaska. And given there has been almost no ground-work lain for such a summit, that's a genuine risk.

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