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Meghan and Harry's royal wedding could cost $45M

01 Abril 2018, 12:02 | Fidele Alvizo

Getty CLOSE Prince Harry and Elton both support several HIV charities

     CLOSE Prince Harry and Elton both support several HIV charities

This sets the mood for the arrival back into the all eyes are always on the family when exiting an airplane so by stepping out in all black, they are dressed appropriately to fit the somber occasion.

One of her most recent was as party-lover Mindy in 2013 film Random Encounters. In addition to the fact she will have a new baby just a few weeks old, Kate is also technically higher status than Meghan meaning it would be unlikely she would take a "subservient role" according to one royal expert.

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wed in Westminster Abbey in 2011, an avenue of eight potted trees, some as tall as 20ft, lined the aisle leading to the altar. Along with the tiara, other notable pieces featured in the display are Dame Nellie Melba's diamond broach and Princess Grace of Monaco's engagement ring that features 10.48 carats. Pictured: Markle is seen ahead of her visit to the iconic Titanic Belfast during her trip with Prince Harry to Northern Ireland on Mar. 23, 2018 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.

"Nice one Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!". "This is another sign of the royal family moving with the times".

Interest in the soon-to-be bride of Prince Harry led journalists to track down Joshua Silverstein, whom Markle once mentioned in an interview.

The royal wedding is scheduled to take place with all due pomp and ceremony at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle on Saturday 19. It's still unclear if Prince Harry will don a similar uniform to the one he wore at Prince William's wedding or a less formal morning suit.

Silverstein also showed his support for Markle by beatboxing to a rap improvised by "Drop the Mic" writer Eliza Skinner.

But, because of the historic nature of the event, as well as the global coverage, prices for the band would likely drop - as would prices for dresses, flowers and food. Will it be a British or American designer?

Based on the website Bridebook's calculations, the majority of that price tag will be spent on security, which could cost around $42 million alone. The royal couple has traveled over the world, both together and separately.

"There's no doubt Harry's very keen to keep Diana's memory involved in his wedding", she said.

Safe to say Meghan will be changing some minor things to stay in line with Royal protocol.

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