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At Least 15 Palestinians Killed in Gaza Mass Demonstration — Palestinian Authority

31 Marcha 2018, 09:43 | Bibiana Flor

At Least 15 Palestinians Killed in Gaza Mass Demonstration — Palestinian Authority

A Palestinian hurls stones at Israeli troops during clashes at the Gaza Israel border at a protest demanding the right to return to their homeland in the southern Gaza Strip

At least 12 Palestinians were killed and more than a thousand injured in Gaza on Friday during demonstrations against Israeli land confiscations, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Friday's major protest - the conflict's worst single day of violence since the 2014 Gaza war - saw demonstrators including women and children gather at multiple sites throughout the blockaded territory, which is flanked by Israel along its eastern and northern borders.

Fourteen of the marchers were killed and more than 750 wounded by Israeli fire in clashes along the border fence, the Palestinian Health Ministry said.

Witnesses said hundreds of Palestinians participated in the clashes and the Israeli military said some of those protesters rolled burning tires and threw stones at forces stationed at the border. Gen. Eyal Zamir warned that militants were using the cover of riots to plant explosives "for terror attacks" along the border fence. His thoughts are with the families of the victims.

"The situation is extremely worrisome", said the Swedish deputy ambassador, Carl Skau. She said her grandfathers had lived in tents as refugees. "Violence furthers neither of those goals".

"There is no concession to Jerusalem, no alternative to Palestine, and no solution but to return".

"Meanwhile the supporting Hamas and setting up Israel to get blamed for anything that happens to Hamas's human shields", Ceren said.

The Israeli army said at least two of the men where affiliated with Hamas. People quickly scattered when they saw the drones approaching. "No recognition of Israel or the occupation rights in any inch on our land".

Some 80 percent of the population is dependent on humanitarian assistance, while the Strip experiences regular power outages and high unemployment.

Israel has deployed tanks and snipers.

At on Gaza protest site, 80-year-old Mansi Nassar walked towards the frontier with the aid of his cane, disregarding entreaties to remain 700 metres (2,300 feet) from the barrier.

Tensions spiral into clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Jason Greenblatt, who is helping spearhead the U.S. peace effort, accused Hamas of instigating a "hostile march" to spark a confrontation.

Prime Minister Saadeddine Al-Othmani joined a number of world leaders Friday in solidarity with Palestinians amid Israeli attacks on civilians in Gaza. "The people are demanding their land and to return to their country", he said.

The Palestinian Health Ministry says the death toll in Gaza has risen to ten, with nine Palestinians killed by Israeli army fire along the border with Israel and a farmer killed by pre-dawn tank fire in a separate incident.

"Today I determined the right path. It is there", he said, pointing towards the border with Israel. Other Palestinian factions also participated in organizing the protests.

"Son of Hamas" unveils the Palestinian terrorist organization through the eyes of the son of one of its founders.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has declared Saturday a "day of national mourning" to commemorate the Palestinians killed during the demonstration Friday. The Associated Press reports the injuries were from online fire, rubber bullets or tear gas. It said troops also fired on Palestinians who had infiltrated into Israel.

The idea for the Great March of Return was floated around several months ago.

Each time someone was shot, dozens of Gazans rushed to help carry them to one of the ambulances standing by to bring them for treatment.

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