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Tesla car sent to Mars takes wrong turn into deep space

10 Febrero 2018, 05:38 | Verda Sainz

GETTY • ELON MUSK INSTAGRAMSpaceX launch Tesla car will be DESTROYED within a YEAR

GETTY • ELON MUSK INSTAGRAMSpaceX launch Tesla car will be DESTROYED within a YEAR

Before he was 18 Musk moved to Canada and worked in a few physically demanding jobs - shovelling grain, cutting logs and even cleaning out a boiler room in a lumber mill.

Put it this way: Musk is already sitting down with SQM, one of those massive lithium producers, to "explore" potential opportunities.

Elon Musk - in a somewhat grotesque show of wealth - decided to send a Tesla in lieu of hunks of metal, called mass models, which are intended to simulate how a load of cargo will act during a rocket's flight. Rarely, in a potentially giant new tech market, does anyone gain a lead that can be measured in years. "There's a certain power to energy ratio, and once you have a huge amount of energy, which is needed for range, then you automatically have the power you need for ... being able to do rapid acceleration and braking".

Along with Boeing, SpaceX is under contract from NASA to deliver astronauts to the space station.

For the fourth quarter of 2017, Tesla reported a net loss of US$675 million, up from US$121 million a year ago.

SpaceX has followed a classic venture capital model. But many on the internet say the image could be of an satellites that are revolving the earth. He compared Tesla's approach to that of Henry Ford: a relatively simple product in what, at the time, is the world's most advanced manufacturing facility (in Ford's case, the River Rogue plant in Dearborn, Michigan).

ELON MUSK INSTAGRAMThe Tesla was fired away in the Falcon Heavy
ELON MUSK INSTAGRAMThe Tesla was fired away in the Falcon Heavy

Perhaps NASA should just get on the SpaceX waiting list for a new rocket.

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The twin ventures produced a powerful halo effect. The convertible, with a dummy in a space suit at its wheel, is now heading toward an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This reusability is now seen as key to making human life multi-planetary - by helping make space travel exponentially more affordable.

Tesla shares fell 8.6 percent to $315.23 on Thursday in New York, the biggest one-day drop since June 2016. However, no time frame has been determined as to when that will happen.

"I would consider it a win if it just clears the pad and doesn't blow the pad to smithereens". It's not a question of whether it works or not. Is it doable? Musk at least is confident. The company uses the information not only to improve Autopilot by generating data-dense maps, but also to diagnose driving behavior.

Virgin Galactic, the space company founded by Richard Branson, and Jeffrey P. Bezos' Blue Origin also could fly humans for the first time this year, on suborbital jaunts that could reach the edge of space.

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