Febrero 19, 2018

SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket soars in debut test launch from Florida

12 Febrero 2018, 10:33 | Azura Castelo

SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket soars in debut test launch from Florida

Starman's journey creates online frenzy after SpaceX launch

That is twice the lift capacity of the biggest existing rocket in America's space fleet - the Delta 4 Heavy of rival United Launch Alliance, a partnership of Lockheed Martin Corp. and Boeing Co. - for about a fourth the cost.

If nothing else, it would inspire people, he figured, reignite interest in space, while furthering his ambitions to push deeper into the cosmos, even though at the time he had never flown a rocket.

Musk told reporters that SpaceX "tried to cancel" the Falcon Heavy programme three times when the company realised "wow, this way harder than we thought". One is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin, which in 2015 made history by achieving the first vertical landing from space with its New Shepard rocket.

The bizarre spectacle also contained other elements of Musk's trademark mischevious sense of humour - the car's circuit board bore the message 'Made on earth by humans', while 'Don't Panic!', a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference, was stamped on the dashboard.

If SpaceX can fly the Falcon Heavy reliably, the rocket could prove useful to the Pentagon for lifting national security satellites, and for NASA's human exploration goals. And now, thanks to a battery-powered camera aboard the car, you can share in the early hours of the cherry red convertible's journey.

'Er, this is the GCU Arbitrary - you're not going to believe what they've done this time...'

SpaceX's big new rocket blasted off Tuesday on its first test flight, carrying a red electric sports car aiming for an endless road trip past Mars. The package requires Tesla, which is worth a little less than $60 billion now, to grow in $50 billion leaps to a staggering $650 billion market capitalization over the next decade.

No one had more to be giddy about today than Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX. "You have to be willing to do tests that give you the answers you're looking for". It smashed into the sea, damaging two thrusters on the barge it was supposed to land on, and showered the platform with shrapnel. But Musk Tweeted Tuesday that the Roadster had overshot the Mars trajectory and was currently heading for the Asteroid Belt.

The Heavy is intended for massive satellites, like those used by the US military and major-league communication companies.

3. Starman floating above the Earth
3. Starman floating above the Earth

After personally inspecting the boosters, Musk said SpaceX will be able to reuse them if it wants. Arnold is preparing for his own ride to the International Space Station next month.

The rocket's two side boosters landed simultaneously back on ground eight minutes after the liftoff, bringing loud cheers and ovations among about 10,000 viewers on the spot.

The current fuel for Falcon Heavy is RP-1 (a refined kerosene) and liquid oxygen, which creates a lot of carbon dioxide when burnt.

And he said that one of the council's top priorities is "how to accelerate the progress of the commercialization of space".

Overall, the launch was a giant leap for space travel and something that didn't seem possible even a few years ago.

Of course, these issues don't affect my sense of excitement and wonder at watching the amazing launch. Tesla's shares are also in the stratosphere, up 8 percent from the start of this year.

Adding to the whimsy, SpaceX planted a space-suited mannequin in the driver's seat of the convertible Tesla Roadster.

The roadster, which carries a plaque inscribed with the names of more than 6,000 SpaceX employees, could instead end up in perpetual Earth orbit. All that costs money, which Tesla is burning through at a fast clip.

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