Noviembre 14, 2019

President Trump claims on Twitter that Nunes memo 'totally vindicates' him

08 Febrero 2018, 09:51 | Bibiana Flor

President Trump greets guests at an airport in West Virginia on Feb. 1 while attending a Republican retreat

Controversial Republican memo alleges FBI abuses during 2016 campaign but appears to be no smoking gun

Less than four-pages, authored by Republican staff of the House Intelligence Committee, it lays out a trail of investigative bread crumbs leading up to the FBI's Russia collusion probe.

He approved Friday's release of the congressional memo which claimed the FBI and Department of Justice were biased against him while investigating alleged collusion between his 2016 election campaign and Russia. The memo did not point to any illegality, but to some in the GOP, it reveals scandalously slipshod work in obtaining the warrant - and an anti-Trump bias in the nation's top law-enforcement agency.

The White House on Friday declassified a partisan and bitterly disputed memo on the Russia investigation, clearing the way for House Republicans to release allegations of what they say is FBI misconduct. It does do two useful things: for one, it puts a spotlight on the secretive and questionable process by which US officials are able to order to broad surveillance on any American citizen, and have that surveillance renewed every 90 days with what, from the outside, looks like insufficient scrutiny.

They said such action could result in a constitutional crisis not seen since the 1970s when then President Richard Nixon gave orders to fire justice officials involved in the Watergate scandal.

Mueller is also examining whether Trump has obstructed justice in trying to thwart the Russia investigation. The targets included a then-Republican Arab-American Virginia House of Delegates candidate, Faisal Gill. "The GOP memo also claims that a Yahoo News article was used to corroborate Steele, but this is not at all why the article was referenced". The memo concludes that the news article "does not corroborate the Steele dossier because it is derived from information" that Steele himself leaked to the outlet.

On Thursday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan calling on him to boot U.S. Representative Devin Nunes from his role on the House Intelligence Committee. Indeed, I have heard credible reports about whistleblower retaliation problems at multiple IGs across the IC. "At the same time we can remain confident about NAFTA", Trudeau said Friday, according to Reuters.

Speaking on Sunday Schiff called the GOP memo a "political hit job on the FBI in service of the president".

As a matter of basic chronology, it is impossible for the FBI and the Obama administration to have spied upon the Trump campaign via Page or to have intended to spy upon the Trump campaign via Page, or to use Page to spy on the Trump transition, when Page had either broken all ties to that campaign a month prior to the first eavesdropping, or had no ties to break in the first place.

President Donald Trump says the memo vindicates him.

Durbin echoed comments by the Republican congressman who helped write the document. But it does endanger a number of "Americans" in the "intelligence community" who colluded with the Clinton campaign against America. Specifically, the memo contains allegations that both departments abused their surveillance powers and behaved dishonestly when applying for FISA warrants.

Another Democrat in the race, businessman Ricardo Franco, told CNN that his campaign has seen a relatively big increase in donations over the last week, with $3,000 coming in on Saturday. And his aides fear that Christopher A. Wray, his second FBI director, may resign over the president's criticism of the bureau. The Russian government waged a massive campaign to discredit our election. Is the "classified Nunes memo" a smokescreen for diversion?

As an afterthought, Nunes then throws in reference to text-message exchanges between FBI employees Lisa Page and Peter Strzok.

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