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NRA says Democrats exploiting Florida school shooting

24 Febrero 2018, 11:31 | Fidele Alvizo

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Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said he was skeptical the president would follow though.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, founded after 20 first-graders were shot and killed at a Connecticut school in 2012, sent letters to Apple Inc, AT&T Inc, Amazon, Alphabet Inc's Google and Roku Inc on Friday, asking them to drop NRATV from their platforms.

Enterprise Holdings - which runs the Enterprise, Alamo and National car rental groups - tweeted Thursday evening to say that the discount deal it had with the NRA will end on March 26.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump hosted students and parents at the White House for a raw, televised listening session. He and his acolytes today are the foremost promoters of terrorism in the United States. "We can't allow that to happen".

He also said he was considering changing his opposition to banning high capacity magazines that magnify the carnage of mass shooters, another sign of potentially evolving sentiment on guns.

Indeed, before his election, Trump vowed loyalty to NRA members.

The Democratic Party was not always in lockstep with the most aggressive gun control advocates in this country. "They hate individual freedom". Only a slightly larger percentage of Republicans owned guns than Democrats.

"It's a bizarre fact that in this country, our jewellery stores all over this country are more important than our children". "I really think the NRA wants to do what's right". He also appeared open to other proposals to "harden" schools, such as fortifying walls and limiting entry points.

Trump raised the idea on Wednesday of arming teachers, drawing a mixed reaction in a country where the right to bear arms is protected by the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution and there are fierce divisions on how to curb mass shootings and everyday gun violence. As business connections between Enterprise and the NRA began to surface, people began tweeting at the rental car company using the #BOYCOTTNRA hashtag.

But some are major national and international companies. Under Obama, amid fears that his administration would seek more gun restrictions, these sales reached record highs.

-FedEx. The NRA Business Alliance says on its website that has "teamed up" with FedEx "to offer BIG savings" on the shipment giant's services.

Fortune reported that the partnership has been in place for the last decade and the NRA-branded card gave holders a cash-back bonus that equaled the association's annual membership fee. "They want to make all of us less free".

"No one who has mental issues should have access to a gun", Scott said at a press conference Friday.

Separately, insurance company Chubb Limited said Friday that it will stop underwriting "NRA Carry Guard", a policy marketed to NRA members who face legal or civil lawsuits after they shoot someone. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland is clearly a good school; its students are smart and well-versed in Civics 101.

"It would be a disaster for our cause if Nancy Pelosi became speaker of the House again".

The president has signalled support for a bipartisan senate bill that would strengthen current laws requiring federal agencies to report information to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. He spent Thursday morning tweeting about possible changes to gun control laws. Mr Trump suggested he wanted some action, tweeting, "Congress is in a mood to finally do something on this issue - I hope!"

An NRA spokeswoman referred questions to the group's licensing department.

Both companies released their statements dozens of times on Twitter in response to calls for them to sever ties with the NRA.

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