Febrero 19, 2018

Moon rejects Abe's request to resume US-S. Korea military drills

11 Febrero 2018, 10:47 | Azura Castelo

Kim Jong Un has invited the President of South Korea to meet him in the North

Kim Yo-jong meets South Korean president in Seoul as thaw continues

Stand back a little.

The Soviet Union occupied North Korea and the United States occupied the South, separating the two territories by the 38th parallel. A grand and hopeful night concluded with smoke and debris forcing you to close your eyes and take cover.

Pyeongchang was not supposed to share the spotlight with Pyongyang. The figure skater could help put it over the top. The third PyeongChang bid needed some native athlete star power after trotting out Italian skier Alberto Tomba in its last defeat. (My sport, Typing Slowly While Eating Room-Temperature Lo Mein, is not yet included in the Games.) This year, most everyone-nearly three thousand athletes, from ninety countries-appeared genuinely thrilled to be in Pyeongchang, loopy on outsize pomp, and calculated risk.

North Korea's state news agency said on Sunday its delegation sent to the Winter Olympics held "frank and candid" talks with South Korean President Moon Jae-in but there was no mention of the North's invitation to Moon to Pyongyang for a summit.

And then, in a pattern that had repeated throughout this game, the North Korean cheer squad sang a song to the dwindling audience and performed their swaying moves - despite the in-house pop and rap music that blared from the speakers.

It was an emotionally charged moment. Switzerland pounded Korea, 8-0.

Could it really be US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un? For all of the taglines about "facts first" and "democracy dies in darkness", many in the media were awestruck by what is quite obviously a dictator's PR campaign. Koreans on both sides had varying ideas about the future government of the peninsula, though many agreed the peninsula should be unified.

"The policy of the the denuclearization of North Korea", the official said of Pence's approach to the Kim regime".

"There have been intermittent interactions between the South and North but the two different regimes have been racing in opposite directions so their differences have only grown".

"It felt special", Korean defenseman Yoonjung Park said. Burns thought it was Kim's first trip without her mom.

Or, like that post-fireworks wind gust, it could be joy setting us up for a nasty prank.

The members were smiling brightly in general but showed regret for parting from South Koreans, waving to the audience several times as they left the stage. But it's happening here.

Guterres was also in "the same general area" as a number of other North Korean officials including Kim Yo Jong "but they were never in any personal contact with each other", Haq said. Kim Jong Un is a doughy man with an odd haircut and a cartoon villain's face.

"We are now going to witness how powerful the sports can bring to promote peace and reconciliation and friendship and harmony between South and North Korea", former United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who spoke before the show began, said. Unfortunately, it seems that our press made her job exceptionally easy this weekend.

There's nothing wrong with desiring unity.

Her arrival on Kim Jong Un's private jet with a coterie of 22 officials was broadcast live on South Korean television.

The luncheon at the Blue House came after Kim Yo Jong and other North Korean delegates attended the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, which has brought a temporary lull in tensions over the North's nuclear program.

Hyon Song-wol, leader of North Korea's Samjiyon Orchestra, performs during a concert by the North Korean art troupe, at the National Theater of Korea in Seoul, on Feb. 11, 2018.

The delegation's most substantive event may come outside of the Olympic ambit on Saturday. "Our players are the ones making this work". And she gave credit to her North Korean counterpart for helping that process. For me, they evoked both "industrial welding" and "honky-tonking", two pastimes that, I suppose, are as American as anything. Or at least, we think they were encouraging.

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