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Domestic abusers are the 'lowest of the low — Eric Trump

15 Febrero 2018, 04:01 | Cornelio Vivanco

Jared Kushner President Trump’s son-in-law is among those who have not received security clearanceMARK WILSON GETTY IMAGES

Jared Kushner President Trump’s son-in-law is among those who have not received security clearance

No one, not even the president of the United States, should be allowed to make them silent again. "That's why he physically abused her", O'Donnell said.

President Trump publicly says he has full confidence in John Kelly, but talk of who might replace the embattled chief of staff is starting to heat up. Let's acknowledge the real pain of these women. Surely we've learned by now that whatever she claims to say privately to Trump, she's all-in with his defense. Next you'll be telling me that Wakanda isn't real and that Trump didn't see thousands of Muslims celebrating 9/11 in New Jersey from his penthouse miles away. The start of this competition has been overshadowed by the absence of some of the sport's biggest stars after North America's NHL decided not to allow its players to participate.

There are reports that Ivanka Trump is a leader of the Get-Kelly Brigade as well, which would suggest that Jared is in on the act too.

In the meantime, CIA Director Mike Pompeo delivered a stern assessment on Russian meddling in American politics.

Hicks is in the middle of another serious predicament.

The questions about Porter's behavior and ability to secure an interim clearance have only accelerated the demands for a better process.

"There's nothing worse in the world than domestic abuse", the president's son told Rita Cosby on the "Curtis and Cosby" Show on WABC Radio with Cosby and Curtis Sliwa.

Based on Wray's testimony, the White House is lying when it says Porter's background check had not been completed, or was ongoing. One source said the chief of staff had been damaged by calls from Trump allies outside the White House for him to go. Coats responded to some important questions on Kim Jong Un's motivations, sharing the intelligence community's assessment that Kim Jong Un will not give up his nuclear weapons.

"We we have moved this to a very top priority because it is really undermining our ability to get the right people into the right place at the right time", the director of national intelligence added.

But she insisted that "we relay the best and most accurate information we have" and that "I've done the best I can". But interim standing shouldn't remain in effect for more than a year for such a sensitive White House post. "They've just got to be stronger, more consistent, clearer in the message" to women, Sen. Google, Twitter and Facebook have been the focus of a lot of congressional scrutiny over the last year, as details of Russia's manipulation of digital platforms came to light. The game changes. Or it ought to, anyway.

No doubt this vexes people who benefited from the free-for-all atmosphere of the pre-Kelly days. He has restricted access to the president and regularized the information flow.

Today's hearing had a different tone.

The White House said it was originally informed of the Porter allegations by the FBI in November, though Wray said the investigation was completed in July. But Kelly, aides said, had encouraged Porter to try to weather the initial allegations.

But Wray, testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, said the FBI submitted a partial report on his clearance in March and that the investigation was completed in July. There would be no crisis of sexual abuse and harassment had supervisors throughout the country guaranteed victims fair treatment in their workplaces. That's unprecedented and dangerous.

The fallout continued Tuesday over Porter's resignation last week after The Daily Mail reported abuse allegations by his two former wives.

January 25, 2017: The FBI contacts Willoughby as part of a background check on Porter, and she tells agents her story.

WHITE-WATCH: Shaun White is snowboarding's first three-time Olympic gold medalist, after he won the halfpipe competition, securing Team USA's 100th gold medal in Winter Olympic history.

In Trump's first comments after Porter resigned, he praised his former aide.

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