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DOJ requests dismissal of Manafort's suit against Mueller

05 Febrero 2018, 03:37 | Fidele Alvizo

Presuming the "probe" Trump is referring to here is special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, it's important to note here that the "probe" is looking into Russia's attempted interference into the 2016 presidential election and whether there was any collusion between Russia and members of the Trump campaign. Trump and Republicans on the House intelligence committee followed up on those attacks through the publication Friday of a GOP-authored memo that they say shows improper use of surveillance by the FBI in the initial stages of the investigation.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi warned the release of a previously classified Republican memo that alleges abuse by the FBI and Justice Department could lead to a "constitutional crisis", CBS Chicago reported Friday.

The memo contends the FBI relied excessively on an ex-British spy whose opposition research was funded by Democrats when it applied for a surveillance warrant on a onetime Trump campaign associate.

Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio), too, said on CNN Sunday that the Russia investigation was a "separate issue" from the concerns raised by the memo, which he believed is significant for raising concerns over "a situation within our FISA court and how we process within our government agencies".

"Special agents take a solemn oath to our country and to the constitution, and the American public continues to be well-served by the world s preeminent law enforcement agency", he said. He added its purpose was "to circle the wagons around the White House and insulate the president".

The Justice Department apparently disagrees with Trump's assessment of the Russia probe.

"And that work will always matter more". But he, after that meeting, sent a memo to the Trump campaign team suggesting that he and the deputy prime minister had a more extensive meeting and that the deputy prime minister had expressed support for President Trump's campaign.

The tweet came as US news coverage was dominated by reports that the FBI and the Justice Department had objected strenuously to the memo's release.

Although, the memo alleged the Democratic connection to the dossier had not been disclosed at the time of the application. He says he'd know the difference "between a Level 10 situation" and "what was reality".

One argument made against the memo is that it is "partisan".

Trump's job approval rating is 41.9%, according to the Real Clear Politics average of various polls.

Intelligence officials warn the memo distorts facts and could jeopardise intelligence-gathering information.

The 35-page Steele dossier contains several bits of raw but as yet uncorroborated intelligence about Trump and some of his campaign surrogates.

"So there's going to be a Russia probe, even without a dossier", said Gowdy. Comparatively, Democrats have a very positive opinion of the FBI - 64 percent view the organization favorably with only 14 percent holding a negative view of it. A plurality of independents (49 percent) have a positive opinion of the FBI compared to 28 percent who see it unfavorably. "But if you're trying to argue that Steele's funding sources ruin the credibility of his research, his professional training and background make that an uphill battle". "A federal judge agreed", Nadler wrote in the memo. Ranking Member Adam B. Schiff is expected to offer a motion to release the 10-page document, which Democrats have promised to send to the Justice Department for redactions.

Some Republicans were also critical of the memo's release. "After deportation, all of that is gone".

Manafort's lawsuit, filed last month, marked a new tack in a broader effort by supporters of the president to push back on the special counsel.

Former FBI Director James Comey, who Mr Trump fired in May, savaged the decision to release the memo.

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