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Cleveland Indians, Chief Wahoo and 2019 All-Star game: Crowquill

01 Febrero 2018, 04:58 | Cornelio Vivanco

So this is the point in the story where we can all feel good that a business, which the Cleveland Indians most assuredly are, realized that greater forces than remaining static in the face of history exist, right?

However, under growing pressure, the team has been gradually moving away from Chief Wahoo in recent years.

We're joined in studio by Amanda Blackhorse, a Navajo and longtime activist working to eliminate Native mascots and logos in professional sports. Only if you think that limited progress is better than none.

Some fans were disappointed that the beloved mascot would be removed from team uniforms.

But some die-hard Indian baseball fans are offended.

With five consecutive winning seasons and two-straight American League Central Division titles, the Cleveland Indians have made many supporters hopeful that the diamond occupants will soon bring home the franchise's first World Series title since 1948. And even then, the racist logo will still appear on items sold in the team's souvenir shop. But by allowing it one more year of on-field use, MLB is condoning the use of something it has stated it believes is not appropriate.

Chief Wahoo products will not be available on the MLB's official website. They began phasing out the logo in various manifestations. Why not rally around the letter "C"? In the NFL, for example, Roger Goodell doesn't seem like he really wants to push the issue on having the Redskins retire their name. He specifically pointed out the color of Chief Wahoo's skin. The nickname absolutely has to go. It's about the equivalent of the Los Angeles Lakers bragging about all nine of the lakes that their storied NBA franchise glorifies. Listen, I'm about the biggest fan of the movie Major League as you'll ever meet, but I'm more than willing to trade that heartwarming, racism-fraught tale (don't get me started on the character of Pedro Cerrano, who derived his power from voodoo-style worship of a spiritual entity named Jobu) for even these smallest of baby steps toward the elimination of overtly racist propaganda from mainstream society.

Perhaps the worst offender is the National Football League's Washington R******s. "It will make consumers question whether their kids should be wearing it, whether they should buy it".

The nation's capital provides a precedent for change. Then it was called the Naps, to honour future Hall of Famer Nap Lajoie. But so far Snyder will not budge.

Eventually, the team will have to change its name, as well.

In 1992, at the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus's landing, Mark Welch and I helped organize a multi-racial protest against the celebration of Columbus Day that drew 300 people. Apparently they just can't let it go. Some on social media applauded the move while others said it was political correctness.

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