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Chiefs trading Alex Smith to Redskins — AP sources

04 Febrero 2018, 01:20 | Cornelio Vivanco

Chiefs trading Alex Smith to Redskins — AP sources

Chiefs trading Alex Smith to Redskins — AP sources

The deal will not technically go through until March, at the beginning of the 2018-2019 NFL season. "Stay consistent with the plan". It was being there in Kansas City and being able to work with him. So I have to ask you, how did you sleep Tuesday night after hearing the details of the trade? No, I'm talking about the actual theory in which a "minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere".

Quite the opposite reaction, as you might expect.

NFL Network commentator Deion Sanders was so affronted on Smith's behalf that he made an issue of it on air. "I certainly wasn't going to put myself before any of that". They aren't looking at Fuller as a throw-in, but perhaps the bigger piece and a likely starter. You can ask why he'd make Miami a winner if he couldn't in Washington? "I haven't had a chance to pick where I play since 2007, when I chose to go to Michigan State".

Smith also led the league this season with 17 completions on passes thrown at least 30 yards downfield, one more than he completed from 2013 to 2016 combined. He could be a solid guy to play inside and outside that can make an impact especially with the trading of Kendall Fuller and the uncertainty of Bashaud Breeland who is an unrestricted free agent. But it remains to be seen whether he'll need time to adjust in his new role.

It also means the Los Angeles Chargers are the clear front-runners for the AFC West in 2018. His hall of fame career is definitely winding down.

But a third franchise tag would have cost them $34.5 million and the transition tag would have cost them $28.8 million. The offensive line struggled in the run game, but they gave up the fewest sack in the league. "This is a tough one!". QBR is a combination of completion percentage, yards per attempt, touchdown passes per attempt and interceptions per attempt. "They didn't want to wait so they went ahead and made the trade". Smith has accomplished much more in wins and losses over the last few seasons than Cousins has in his career. So long, Kirk Cousins?

"The next day they reached out and just kind of explained what happened", Cousins explained.

Fuller himself was shocked that he was included, along with a third round draft pick, as part of the Smith deal.

Kirk Cousins, who played the past two seasons on Washington's franchise tag, will hit free agency as arguably the most enticing quarterback as Smith takes his job. "You keep an open mind".

"I mean his numbers and statistics don't lie", Philadelphia safety Malcolm Jenkins said. They have a good defense in place. "I think they're in a position to be successful". The Alex Smith Foundation, which has helped foster kids from poor backgrounds attend college since it started in 2005, spent 91 percent of the funds it raised on the charity, not on expenses or salaries. Cousins might be the lynch pin to a rapid retooling. God knows what trades we'd see after that. And the market seemed to have been set by NFL precedent.

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