Noviembre 14, 2019

Trump: I'd beat Oprah Winfrey if she ran

17 Enero 2018, 02:39 | Bibiana Flor

Tracee Ellis Ross Emma Stone Billie Jean King

Tracee Ellis Ross Emma Stone Billie Jean King

Press secretary Sarah Sanders said that the president "looks forward to promoting his policies to strengthen American businesses, American industries, and American workers", at the forum. Oprah Winfrey is somebody who has been discussed occasionally as a semi-serious presidential candidate since the early 1990s.

"The election of Donald Trump was a devastating setback for little girls".

President Donald Trump's eldest daughter tweeted on Monday that "a new day is on the horizon", calling the speech "empowering" and "inspiring".

In fact, Gaga's UK gigs are one of the best-selling concerts on resell site StubHub. His most recent title, Identity: Your Passport to Success, was released in 2012. The HFPA is a tiny, secretive group, one with unclear actual membership criteria, that uses its control of the Golden Globes more or less openly to secure access to stars and other perks. He has also been accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct, though he has vehemently denied the allegations. "You know, I did one of her last shows". The programme, which ran from 1986 to 2011, remains the highest-rated daytime talk show in American television history. Winfrey's longtime partner, Stedman Graham, told the Los Angeles Times that "it's up to the people" whether she will be president, adding, "She would absolutely do it".

According to the ticket resell site, they have seen a 25% increase in the number of tickets being listed for the event since in the past few months alone.

Did you hear the news that Oprah - the Oprah - might run for president?

In an unusual move, Mr Trump invited cameras into a bipartisan meeting with members of Congress at the White House on Tuesday, during which politicians from both sides of the aisle aired their views on immigration. No, I like Oprah.

"Stop begging strong Black women to be president: Michelle, Oprah, whatever". This is, I think, good news. She's a terrific woman. "I think it's a very very intriguing idea myself".

In 1999, Trump even said Winfrey would be his top pick for a vice presidential running mate. Becoming the first black woman to accept the Cecil B. De Mille lifetime achievement award, her speech wove together gender, poverty and race. That could soften what Palmieri describes as an enduring resistance among some voters to women with political ambition.

"I like Oprah. I don't think she's going to run", Trump added.

Andy Cohen pointed out that Oprah doesn't have any political experience. And Kidman's starring role in Days of Thunder, a movie about the circular monotony of NASCAR, should help in the politically crucial task of pretending she enjoys motorsport. The passage of time, combined with Ms. Clinton's obnoxious re-litigation of a strategically dumb campaign, may have helped blue America regain its senses.

But Trump believes that she is unlikely to run.

She said the speech was a preview of what a Winfrey presidency would be like, and it would be a return to identity politics and former President Obama's failed policies.

With Kiwi hubby Keith Urban becoming First Bro of Oz, the Hawaiian-born Kidman would create the ultimate ANZUS partnership, with a few constitutional tweaks.

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