Enero 24, 2018

Toyota Launches Self-Driving Concept Vehicle, Brand Alliance, At CES

09 Enero 2018, 05:13 | Azura Castelo

Toyota launches dedicated mobility services concept vehicle

Toyota has made a self-driving box to deliver your pizza

It's basically a self-driving van that converts into a shuttle bus, a delivery car, or even a store on wheels, and Toyota envisions it in a community near you in the years to come.

It's quite spacious, with low floors that almost touch the ground and a roomy interior that Toyota says can be outfitted for "parcel delivery, ride-sharing or on-the-road e-commerce".

Pizza Hut US president Artie Starrs explains: "We are focused on technology-based solutions that enable our team members and drivers to deliver even better customer experiences".

"Amazon is constantly looking for ways to innovate and help improve our logistics operations", Tim Collins, vice president for Amazon Logistics, said in a written statement. What's more, it may very well make it to the Olympics in 2020. Mobile hotel rooms could be another application.

Toyoda said the company has created an alliance of business partners called the e-Palette Alliance to support e-commerce mobility, turning its mobility services platform into a common platform. That has already caught the attention of a few automakers, not to mention ecosystem partners like Microsoft, BlackBerry, and NVIDIA.

The automaker also announced the e-Palette Alliance alongside the physical concept. Or the beginning of the end of cars as we know it?

The e-Palette Concept Vehicle is an automated, electric vehicle purpose-built for MaaS. Such vehicles will be able to operate fully autonomously in limited areas.

Toyoda said the technology would be debuted at the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics Games, along with "many other mobility technologies we have in the pipelines".

The duck's expected to be featured Monday at the CES gadget show in Las Vegas. The larger vehicles resemble small buses and allow adults to stand up inside.

Indeed, ride-sharing services like Uber are among those driving the development of self-driving vehicles, said Gil Pratt, the head of the Toyota Research Institute, and the overseer of the automaker's autonomous program. That's in part due to VTech, whose database was hacked in 2015, exposing the names and ages of more than 6 million kids who used its toys.

The closest comparison right now is probably Baidu's Apollo, the Chinese firm's open autonomous driving platform. Because if Black Mirror taught us anything, it's that this will immediately lead to robot pizza car overlords murdering everyone in the streets. As far as concepts go, this one is pretty out there.

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