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Patches available for 90 percent of recent chips by next week — Intel

13 Enero 2018, 03:36 | Azura Castelo

Intel says rapidly issuing updates to all processors impacted by Meltdown

Intel processor

Cloud operators including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, will patch their devices and issue fixes in the future. Mike Ybarra, Xbox platform lead, tweeted that the security architecture of Xbox already includes mitigation against Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.

Moreover, Intel also said that it has already informed AMD, ARM, and other operating system vendors of the current vulnerability issue.

The Google Project Zero researcher, Jann Horn, demonstrated that malicious actors could take advantage of speculative execution to read system memory that should have been inaccessible.

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The recently discovered security flaw in Intel processors has put almost millions of computers at risk and hackers could steal sensitive information. While the researchers haven't been able to perform kernel memory-based speculation on AMD and ARM CPUs, they haven't ruled out the chances.

Meltdown is a bit more serious than Spectre because it affects a broader array of devices.

Two of Google's fixes, called Retpoline and Kernel Page Table Isolation (KPTI), both have meant "negligible impact on performance" for Google's services, according to a Thursday blog post by security engineer Matt Linton and program manager Pat Parseghian. First reported by the Register, the vulnerability affects millions (if not billions) of laptops, smartphones, and even cloud computing servers.

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Intel has confirmed it was confidentially advised by Google of the design flaw in June last year, since when it has been working to address the issue.

So, how then can Intel claim to grant its chips immunity to this hole?

The flaws are unlikely to hit the average American in the same way that incidents like the Equifax data breach did. However, now that everyone knows that these vulnerabilities exist, hackers have probably been hard at work on exploits that they could use.

Google says it also affects other processors and the devices and operating systems running them. For days, Apple's iPhone slowdown issue was the most talked about blunder in the tech world, but that's about to change.

"Check with your operating system vendor or system manufacturer and apply any available updates as soon as they are available", Intel said. Microsoft released a security update for Windows computers to mitigate Meltdown on Wednesday. Such plans are regularly used by company executives to establish automated stock sale calendars, so as to eliminate accusations of insider trading. That brought down the total number of shares he owns to 250,000 - which is the minimum number of shares that the CEO of Intel is required to own, according to a Motley Fool report.

Now Intel has revealed that it's working on an update which will 'render those systems immune from both exploits'.

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