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Oprah Winfrey 'not actively considering' running for president but 'intrigued — Gayle King

10 Enero 2018, 08:49 | Fidele Alvizo

CNN Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi isn't sure Oprah's celebrity is the best thing for 2020

To be certain, is at least as qualified for national leadership as the "very stable genius" who currently occupies the White House.

It's on her plate.

Speaking to reporters at a meeting of lawmakers working on an immigration bill, Trump said "Yeah, I'll beat Oprah". Again the political elites chortled - Oprah Winfrey!

And the reaction to her Golden Globes speech has to give her pause when it comes to running.

But, "actively considering" is a very, very amorphous term.

I'm not making light of her speech.

"During the riveting speech, Oprah addressed the "#MeToo" movement and promised, "A new day is on the horizon" for all women.

Still, some liberals have warned Democrats against becoming dazzled by Winfrey's celebrity, arguing instead that the party has a deep bench of highly qualified women candidates that are already in office. Perhaps, but only if the interviewer relentlessly interrogates the guest or brings in an expert or experts to offer rebuttal in real time. "They're the complete opposite!" This was before politics. She is truly the American dream. Actor Natasha Rothwell also weighed in, reminding Ivanka of the accusations against her dad, as did author Michael Wolff, who said, "Who does she think her father is?"

Oprah is their moveable feast. "So, I think it was home run on many levels".

Last fall Winfrey dismissed the notion of running for president.

Actress Meryl Streep is the grande dame of Hollywood now.

But Streep loves Oprah now.

Oprah isn't doing any of that stuff yet.

Don't be such a hater. "She would absolutely do it", he said.

Trump, a billionaire TV star whose ascent to the presidency was fueled by name recognition, sheer wattage and personality, has long praised Winfrey, who shares many of the same qualities.

When Winfrey's longtime partner, Stedman Graham, told the Los Angeles Times that Winfrey would pursue a run if the public were interested, some interpreted his comment as a sort of confirmation. And if there's one thing Oprah is able to do it's make people FEEL. The get into leadership due to rivals start falling for some scandal they hided or just thinking themselves they are "so clever" the voters just run away from them. Some commenters concluded that race and gender could be involved, given that Winfrey is a black woman and Trump is a white man.

So who would take her down?

Trump has often been complimentary of Winfrey, calling her "terrific" in one tweet and saying he adored her in the midst of President Obama's reelection bid in 2012.

No way, Kirsten. Too bad, Al.

So to help soothe their sad feelings, I've come up with a new cocktail in honor of Oprah's ascendancy. Trevor Noah can see it.

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