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Intel Facing Multiple Lawsuits Over Chip Security Flaw

07 Enero 2018, 03:19 | Verda Sainz

The U.S. government-funded Software Engineering Institute initially said vulnerable chips may eventually have to be replaced altogether.

"Intel has a tool you can use to check if your system is vulnerable to the bugs", Kaspersky Lab's GReAT Senior Security Researcher, Ido Naor, advised. Still, researchers had said some of AMD's chips had one of the two vulnerabilities disclosed on Wednesday, as do processors from ARM Holdings.

The lawsuits also allege that the patches to fix the vulnerabilities will cause computers to operate more slowly.

The company didn't respond to inquiries about the timing of Krzanich's divestments, but a spokeswoman told MarketWatch it was unrelated to the security flaws. Apple also added that since it would take a malicious app to set off Meltdown or Spectre, it recommends that iOS and Mac users install apps from a trusted source only, such as the App Store.

If the user chooses another action instead, liking turning on their phone's torch or pausing their music, the speculative execution is rolled back. In the meantime, criminal actors and nation states could further develop the Spectre vulnerability, making attacks easier to execute.

"The effort to mount this attack is quite significant", Chamarty said. But it could have a downside. "They will improve on it". It's not yet clear what the outcome will be, or if any further proceedings will come of this. These exploits are not a denial of service attack or a network attack. "Intel is committed to responsible disclosure". It is working on updates for Safari to protect users against Spectre and expects to release them "in the coming days".

Google says Android devices with the latest security update installed are already protected, while users of the Chrome web browser and Chromebook computers may need to download an update. Meltdown has been addressed with software patches issued by Microsoft and Apple, as well as several browser manufacturers. The good news, he said, is that major cloud providers have known about this for months and have had time to tackle the problem.

Intel is at the centre of the problem because it supplies the processors used in many of the world's PCs.

Gruss and his colleagues accidentally discovered a flaw that can be deemed the worst CPU bug ever.

The security patch that Microsoft released yesterday is just for Meltdown, and it also includes some specific fixes for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11.

Shipley describes Meltdown as a con that could allow hackers to enter a computer's "bank vault", where passwords and account credentials are hidden away from programs.

On Thursday, Intel's stock closed down 1.8 percent to $44.43 a share.

Google's revelations echo Intel's own assessment of the matter, but they're a lot more reassuring.

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