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If There's No Border Wall, There's No DACA Deal — President Trump

25 Enero 2018, 02:49 | Bibiana Flor

If There's No Border Wall, There's No DACA Deal — President Trump

Sens. Lindsey Graham And Jeff Flake Have Convinced Mitch Mc Connell To Abandon Trump

Above all, Congress and the president should create certainty in federal budgeting.


His predicament underscored deep ambivalence among Americans on immigration.

Democrats and some Republicans, business executives, college presidents and immigration activists condemned the move as a coldhearted and shortsighted effort that was unfair to the young immigrants and could harm the economy. We are coming up fast on that deadline.

Who couldn't have seen that they'd fire public relations salvos of their own - keening that the Democrats care more about immigrants here illegally than they do Americans who depend on the government - while waiting for anger and frustration to mount against Democrats?

"He did not make a commitment", Sen. I bet you would have a difficult time getting into one of the Hollywood elites houses, parties, or country clubs because each of those have fences guarded by armed personnel.

DAVIS: And he has a point. They are salt in the wounds.

The Trump administration sparked the current debacle by rescinding DACA, sparking a mad dash on Capitol Hill to come up with a way to protect "Dreamers" before the program officially ends March 5.

Deciding what happens to undocumented immigrants already in the country "depends on what we get in exchange", Mulvaney said. So that's not particularly new.

The end of a brief but senseless government shutdown brings a blend of relief, disgust and frustration. Yes, that is the same wall that candidate Trump had promised would be paid for by Mexico.

"This is also a big loss for the Republicans, long term, because they are alienating the fastest growing population group in the US, which is Latinos", Lindorff told hosts John Kiriakou and Brian Becker. "The narrative goes: Every day, DACA recipients lose their status and the urgency's there and we don't have two months to get things done - and that's true", Ortiz says. Jimmy Carter started the problem when he granted his "one time only" amnesty back in the 1970s.

After all, the GOP controls the Congress and the White House and Cabinet departments. Dick Durbin of Illinois. Democrats played the game, and they played it badly. "When government shuts down, it represents the ultimate failure to govern", she said.

The Senate Minority Leader had made the concession to the president on Friday during a private meeting at the White House, but reneged Sunday, the Washington Post reports. "Not only am I putting money into it, which tuition is not cheap, but I'm also putting my time into it, and my energy", Villa-Lomeli tells OW.

DAVIS: Well, the president - we know what he doesn't want.

That gives Congress plenty of time to enact a constitutional replacement for DACA.

"The wall offer's off the table", Senator Chuck Schumer told White House reporters on Tuesday (local time). Or do they prefer temporary measures for the frequent opportunities to engage in political brinkmanship? Schumer talked about this on the floor today.

The President repudiated his chief of staff, saying on Twitter that "The Wall is the Wall, it has never changed or evolved from the first day I conceived of it".

President Trump has signed a bill, allocating funds to reopen the government until February 8th.

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