Enero 24, 2018

Donald Trump just confused the word 'consensual' on Twitter

09 Enero 2018, 11:06 | Bibiana Flor

Donald Trump just confused the word 'consensual' on Twitter

Donald Trump to undergo medical exam – but it won't include psychiatric tests

In a late-night string of tweets, Trump directed his millions of followers to the column but misquoted it, replacing the word "consequential" with "consensual".

Bill Clinton was the No. 4 White House genius, with an estimated IQ range between 136 to 159. Trump typically spends the time watching cable news and on Twitter, per Axios. A few minutes after the original tweet was posted, it was deleted and replaced with the intended wording.

Trump has repeatedly gone out of his way to make clear that he watches very little television.

The report states that Trump's day begins at 8 a.m., but that he conducts business from his private residence in the White House rather than the Oval Office.

Unlike Mr Reagan, who had to "slow down" at the end of his presidency, Mr Trump shows no signs of slackening the pace. He ranked just above Warren G. Harding, James Monroe, and the much-maligned Ulysses S. Grant, who came in dead last with an IQ no higher than 130.

Durant wasn't the only one on Hill's side. He also has a physical scheduled for Friday. According to an interview Trump gave to the New York Times, Trump's late father Fred Trump suffered from Alzheimer's.

In the nascent stages of his presidency, Trump's days would begin earlier and end later, but he reportedly didn't like that schedule and pushed to start later and end earlier.

This week, CNN reported that Yale psychiatrist Dr. Brandy Lee had testified before House and Senate lawmakers in December on the President's mental health. Trump will need to answer questions regarding his sex life and sleeping habits, medical experts said. The president has denied any improprieties.

Trump's morning is believed to be known as "executive time", allowing him time to react to the morning news. It suggests that, relative to past inhabitants of the Oval Office, we have a part-time president.

"We believe that he is now further unraveling in ways that contribute to his belligerent nuclear threats", the statement said. That's a sign of political decay, but perhaps also a potential lesson to be relearned.

And some US presidents who put in a lot of hours, such as Jimmy Carter, were not always renowned for delivering results.

While aides told Axios that Trump is always busy, they added that he was harder to control once the day ended. Rest assured, Simonton concluded, "Bush is definitely intelligent". "This was truly a change election - and the changes Trump is bringing are far-reaching & necessary.' Thank you Michael Goodwin!"

Scientists have also determined that having a parent or sibling with Alzheimer's increases the risk of developing the disease.

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