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Shots fired after North Korean soldier defects to South — DMZ news

23 Diciembre 2017, 04:44 | Bibiana Flor

Shots fired after North Korean soldier defects to South — DMZ news

Moon Jae-In

"We are coordinating with the Republic of Korea Joint Chiefs of Staff to determine the circumstances surrounding the defection", the statement said.

South Korea says a North Korean soldier has safely defected to the South via a portion of the heavily fortified border rarely visited by outsiders.

But Thursday's defection came nearly 40 days after another North Korean solider crossed the jointly controlled area at the border amid a barrage of bullets fired by comrades.

Seoul is conducting a precarious balancing act between Washington and Beijing as the US ramps up the threats of war against North Korea.

The number to a "Threat Awareness and Reporting Program" hotline was tossed in for good measure.

These drones, as the report describes, would be used to relay information from core North Korean targets like "nuclear and missile sites".

World War III is going to be dumb.

More than 30,000 North Koreans have defected to the South, but it's unusual for soldiers to flee across the so-called DMZ, a 2.5-mile wide, 150-mile-long buffer zone lined with barbed wire and dotted with landmines. Pyeongchang's organizing committee for the 2018 Games has also hired a private cyber security company to guard against any hacking attacks from the North, according to Reuters.

The Seoul-Pyongyang Megacity author also pointed out the closure of Kaesong has not had an impact on North Korea's weapons development.

Min also said economic cooperation will bridge the land-based and maritime powers - China and Russia on one side, the United States and Japan on the other - and the peninsula could play a bridge role.

It was the fourth defection of a North Korean soldier this year.

This story was reported by The Associated Press. "I've made such a suggestion to the U.S., and the currently reviewing it. However, all this depends on how North Korea behaves", he added.

The North Korean government had for months refrained from any tests that are banned by United Nations resolutions, leading some to speculate that tensions might cool.

With a range of 13,000km, the missile could hit the mainland US. The speakers are capable of projecting messages for miles, presumably within earshot of other front-line North Korean border guards.

This way, even if the exchange is attacked, the amount a successful hacker could steal would be significantly reduced.

"Many in the South attribute the decrease to increased surveillance put in place under current North Korean leader Kim Jong-un along the main channel of defections, which is the border between North Korea and China, Se-Woong said". The pair "expressed their willingness to defect", a ministry official said, and their claim for asylum was being investigated.

Explicitly, a notice on the official website stated that "in order to minimize the damage to our members, we will arrange for the withdrawal of approximately 75 percent of the balance at 4:00 a.m. on Dec 19, The rest of the unpaid portion will be paid after the final settlement is completed".

His treatment for gunshot wounds and pre-existing conditions has included two major operations and intelligence officials will begin questioning him soon.

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