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Google Chrome To Block Ads Not Complying With Coalition For Better Ads

20 Diciembre 2017, 03:04 | Verda Sainz

Google Chrome To Block Ads Not Complying With Coalition For Better Ads

Google Chrome To Block Ads Not Complying With Coalition For Better Ads

To keep in mind, Google has announced to block such type of ads on its Google Chrome platform starting from February 18, 2018.

The coalition announced the "Better Ads Experience Programme" which provides guidelines for companies using the "Better Ads Standards" to improve the experience of users with online ads. As noted, it's not just Google's revenue that is affected by these third-party ad blockers, but publishers are also affected, with their bottom lines and sustainability of the online ecosystem significantly threatened.

Reports suggest that, Google will start rolling out the ad-blocking feature on the Google Chrome browser remotely without any specific update of the browser.

An email by the Google Web Tools Team is sent out to webmasters currently that informs them about the change provided that the site is registered on Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools).

Google Chrome recently added support for Microsoft's Windows Store, in the form of an app that opened a download link to install the browser. The rollout will happen on both mobile and desktop platforms in February 2018. With a more stringent approach to advertisements, the company may make web browsing less annoying and safer too.

Microsoft has eased the path for apps to get into Windows Store, allowing packaged websites and lightly massaged legacy Win32 apps to be included. Tracking by ads has been a privacy concern for Chrome users.

The blocking also comes with a nuclear option: If a site falls below a certain threshold for bad advertising for 30 days, Google will block all of the ads on the site until it takes action to fix whatever problems have been reported. Google would never agree to use alternative engines inside Chrome, so the search giant's browser will remain off the Windows Store indefinitely.

Site-owners can then submit a manual review to have the ads re-enabled as long as the bad ads have been removed. But it's questionable that Chrome will be able to narrowly target its blocking at only some ads on a non-compliant website. Violating ad experiences detected on mobile. While this might sound like Google killing is biggest source of revenue, it's probably for the good.

Chrome is easily the most popular web browser now in use based on statistics for November 2017. In a statement, Microsoft cited violation of its store policies as the reason for removing the Chrome Installer app.

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