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XBOX One X First Impressions

03 Noviembre 2017, 10:41 | Bibiana Flor

That'd be impressive enough, but in order to make those super-sharp images look the bee's knees, the Xbox has to work even harder. Ahead of launch, only a handful of Microsoft-exclusive games are available with full enhancements.

Yet the console itself is actually smaller than the original Xbox and super easy to set up. I deliberately selected this level because of the Windflare storm, which makes the level even darker, while also simultaneously providing contrasting light sources, such as the lightning in the Windflare storm.

In a similar fashion to high-end virtual reality, which can not be experienced just by buying a headset - a powerful PC is needed too - the One X relies on players either already having a top line 4K TV.

It's clear that the Xbox One X has struck a chord with the gaming market, and that makes perfect sense. If not, just pick up a One S, maybe even wait for it to go on sale as the holidays roll in.

Gears of War 4 for example, one of the initial batch of titles that has already been enhanced, looks and feels new when played in 4K at 60 frames per second. Yes, it will be slightly more complicated.

The only downside to 4K gaming is that it eats HDD disk space.

Other enhancements in the new One X will go a long way toward creating a more engaging and fun environment. Unlike the PS4 Pro the Xbox One X can run Ultra HD Blu-rays though, so for cinephiles that's a big plus.

But how much better do all those impressive-sounding numbers make your games? I'm a professional, it says, I'm all business. If you just want to play third-party titles that come to both platforms, though, the PS4 Pro is clearly the better deal. So, mileage will vary.

However, at the time of writing, very few games have received said patch, and thus don't feature 4K assets and other XOX-specific tweaks. The answer is Gears of War 4.

However, that hasn't stopped Microsoft giving their console one last go, revamping the whole system and pushing 4K support. The timings below, in seconds, detail how long it took the Xbox to launch a game from a non-suspended state and show its first on-screen prompt, be it an epilepsy warning, studio logo or otherwise. 4K has roughly twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of a 1080p display, and four times as many pixels. While they certainly compete for hearts and wallets during the holidays, when it comes to the guts of their consoles, there really isn't any competition.

There are a fair few elements that contribute to the One X's improved performance and graphical prowess. Some offer 4K, some offer HDR, others are mysteriously labelled as 'Xbox One X Enhanced', which could mean any number of things, and some are a mix of those three categories. Whatever you go for, you can have the X set up quickly and easily. So should you buy one? Will it have HD textures?

Everyone will be claiming they have been good all year so deserve the shiniest of shiny consoles. We presume this may be to do with the extra detail that's available on Xbox One X thanks to its patch.

The hardware on which games makers can now develop is likely to mean the games we see in the coming years are a significant jump forward on what we have currently. Spend some time getting everything setup and tuned in before jumping into the games, as hard as that is!

That's the HDR-enabled view on the left up there. We'll keep testing this on other games. Now that Microsoft and game publishers are offering most major titles on PC, you won't be missing out on much by ditching consoles. Gears of War 4 on the console weighs in at around 100 GB.

But if you do have a 4K TV - and they're becoming increasingly affordable and more widespread - the X's 4K Blu-ray drive is a pretty convincing sell. Forza Horizon 3 loaded from the menu into the game 20 seconds faster on Xbox One X, as did Grand Theft Auto 5. This is how I prepped for my Xbox One X. The other option is to perform a system transfer by going to Settings, Network, then Network transfer.

It's worth noting that not every already-released game that's been flagged for Xbox One X enhancements will be ready for launch. Whilst some people might not care about the shininess of 4K resolution, they might want smoother frame rates.

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