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Xbox One X buyers should brace for hefty downloads

03 Noviembre 2017, 03:29 | Verda Sainz

Xbox One X review: A console that keeps up with gaming PCs

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While the official release date for the Xbox One X isn't until the 7 of November, I wanted to write a guide on what to do to ensure you're Xbox One X ready, y'know, if you're one of those eager-beaver gamers who's going to adopt on or close to launch.

If you're looking for instant 4K gratification, you can also look beyond games.

A scene from Gears of War 4. There will certainly be an update waiting for you when you first switch on and connect to the internet; a necessary peril of modern gaming.

But that does mean that, unless Microsoft can get more gamers on board or that 'dual ownership' audience, upgrades and ownership might go hand in hand. The first thing we do notice is the speed, not of the cars but of the console! But it's also still an Xbox One and not its successor. The list goes on and on.

The One X is slimmer than the One S - despite the amount of extra power it houses - with the disc tray smartly tucked into the ridge between the two halves of the hardware to make that shrinkage possible. There are sharper textures, and more interesting lighting - in Halo 5 you can clearly see the condensation and smearing on glass, and Nathan Fillion's face looks more Nathan Fillion-y. Compare that with the 1.9 in the current PS4 or 1.3 for the Xbox One and that's a serious upgrade.

If you own a 4K TV, the Xbox One X is a no-brainer purchase but even if you don't own a 4K TV, the Xbox One X is a decent purchase for 1080p TV owners.

It does not matter if you are a hardcore gamer or someone who enjoys a game or two with your friends over the weekend. There is no doubt it's an impressive console and one that developers should, eventually, flock towards as we inch towards 4K HDR gaming being the norm.

I'll admit, reviewing the "world's most powerful console" is a bit of an overwhelming experience.

With this review taking place ahead of the console going on sale, and with many games still yet to update with Xbox One X Enhancements, the true potential of the console is yet to be seen. The Xbox Live setup for multiplayer online gaming remains as smooth as ever, and the Xbox Game Pass subscription service lets you explore new titles and download them at a discount.

In a similar fashion to high-end virtual reality, which can not be experienced just by buying a headset - a powerful PC is needed too - the One X relies on players either already having a top line 4K TV.

The downside is that these textures come at a price - to your hard drive.

In the few days we've been looking at it, we've mainly played Gears of War 4, Forza Motorsport 7, Assassin's Creed Origins and for the younger kids Disneyland Adventures.

In moments of uncertainty, you go to the advanced video settings menu in the Xbox and hit "4K TV details", it'll show you which cylinders are firing in terms of frame rate, UHD, HDR, etc. A few more tricks: You can filter your games by their One X enhancement status to verify if you're playing the most updated version, and you can also see precisely which version you've downloaded by selecting the game tile and simultaneously pressing menu/page/right-bumper/left-bumper on the controller. Whatever the reason for upgrading is. In the case of some of those, like Super Lucky's Tale, the improvements only help to buff out the unfortunate frame rate blemishes you see on the older Xboxes.

Last year, Sony released the PS4 Pro, a supercharged console capable of upscaled 4K gaming, and Microsoft responded with the incredible Xbox One X. Rather than a slightly tweaked version of the original console, the Xbox One X has ridiculous specs and will be the most powerful games console ever when it does launch. For more on the new system, check out our Xbox One X vs PC vs Xbox One graphics comparison, or take a look at everything you need to know about the Xbox One X. Some offer 4K, some offer HDR, others are mysteriously labelled as 'Xbox One X Enhanced', which could mean any number of things, and some are a mix of those three categories. My PS4 can sound like a desk fan when I boot it up; however, the Xbox One X is remarkably quiet. Microsoft now really need to back it up with a strong series of stand out exclusive to make people want to come and play. That ability to play 4K movies off of physical media is something the competing PS4 Pro strangely doesn't offer. Currently however, no game is made with the Xbox One X as the baseline. And download all the updates too, because we're talking about hundreds of gigabytes - thank the Space Pope that we've got an unlimited data plan. "That's a conversation you need to have with your aesthetic standards and your wallet". The originally Xbox One only came with 500GB, which seemed relatively small at the time.

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