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Star Wars: Battlefront II Microtransactions Suspended In Wake of Controversy

20 Noviembre 2017, 07:40 | Bibiana Flor

Star Wars: Battlefront II Microtransactions Suspended In Wake of Controversy

EA insists loot boxes are not gambling despite Dutch and Belgian investigations

Let's just face it, EA simply won't give up and find another way to suck up other people's money. And that criticism focused on micro-transactions, which allowed people to pay sometimes substantial amounts of money to get access to new characters, weapons and other upgrades in the game.

How Many Types of Loot Crates Are There In Battlefront 2? By competing levels of the game along with the entire game campaign itself, you'll easily earn a good amount of credits. Starfighter combat has gotten a complete overhaul, thanks to the folks at EA's Criterion studio giving you much finer control over how you weave your X-Wing or TIE Fighter around the battlefield. Clearly, Disney is trying to make Star Wars as clean a universe as possible, and EA stirring up controversy is causing problems for them.

In an interview, Battlefront 2 design director Niklas Fegraeus told GameSpot, "The important thing is everything can be earned [through gameplay]". You can find a Crafting item also.

It's unfortunate that this system remains as is, because it's among the worse ways both loot boxes and progression could be implemented.

For what it's worth, our review praised multiplayer as "the strongest part of the package" but had reservations about the "grubby veneer of gambling".

Coming to the end of the campaign you're given one last crate to open and it's a big one, with a few second tier 'uncommon' cards alongside a 5,000 credit cheque.

EA shares dropped 2.5% to close at 108.82 on the stock market today. I felt like I was single-handedly talking to the representatives of all my actor friends to say "trust me your client will love their experience" or "trust me you need to be looking for games for them to be acting in". If you plan on sticking it out with the multiplayer, you might want to hold out and see if EA makes any improvements to the game's busted progression system. Thankfully, changes have been made to the game so it's not as bad as it used to be.

It's way too late to Stop Loot Boxes and their success now. Unfortunately for EA, a new outrage arose once Battlefront 2's Play First Trial began earlier this month.

Players' rage at the ugly value proposition of these microtransactions may be the driving force behind the public relations firestorm Star Wars: Battlefront II is currently enduring but it seems more than likely that the factor that ultimately tipped the scales is a fear of regulatory action. Your most recent purchases will be located at the top of the list. Battlefront II removed the Loot Boxes and microtransactions, So what?

Earning credits from the normal run of play is pretty slow, but it all builds up. As a result, readers down-voted the answers into oblivion. And EA absolutely knew all this before the game was hours from launch.

Stick around as we continue to watch the makers of this game like hawks, seeing their movements, listening for clues about the future. I was lucky enough for them to care enough about finding people who could actually do the accent some justice and who could play this anomaly of a person who could be a leader.

The ability to purchase crystals in-game will become available at a later date, only after changes are made to the game.

Star Wars Battlefront II should've been a slam dunk. Go to the Collection Tab and pick the Character.

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