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Obama congratulates Democratic winners — The Latest

08 Noviembre 2017, 05:39 | Bibiana Flor

Virginia Democratic candidate Ralph Northam wins election against Trump-backed Ed Gillespie

Democrat Ralph Northam wins Virginia's hard-fought race for governor

The results Tuesday will give what were nervous Democrats some much-needed confidence. Republicans are looking for a boost as their party is beset by intraparty turmoil between Trump and key Republicans in Congress. Under the state's vote-by-mail system, ballots just need to be postmarked or dropped off by Tuesday, which means that final results may not be known for days. Both governors' races were rife with incendiary ads hitting on cultural issues and crime. I suppose they can hope that Trump learns how to behave himself in a way that doesn't alienate over half the nation, but that seems even less likely.

Murphy, who retired from a 23-year career at Goldman Sachs before moving on to high-ranking positions in the Democrat party and a stint as Obama's ambassador to Germany, has gone on record as ready to sign every piece of gun control legislation that Christie has vetoed in the past eight years.

The president insisted that with the US economy doing well, "we will continue to win". He blamed Trump's "divisive rhetoric" for the sweeping losses statewide.

Tuesday's sweeping election rebuke for President Donald Trump and his party has increased the chances of failure for the Republican agenda on Capitol Hill. The third is that the figure is actually 4-of-5; Trump likes to ignore a race in California won by the Democrats. Trump had carried both districts in November, and Republicans mounted solid contenders for the seats.

In New Jersey, Democrats repeated that feat. Meanwhile, Democrats continued their slide in rural, Western Virginia.

Political observers say the Virginia contest has been more racially charged than in recent memory. "They care about facts, not playing the politics of division". Trump could have congratulated Gillespie on a hard-fought race and noted the uphill battle.

It is difficult to overstate the magnitude of the Democratic Party's victory on Tuesday. I've never seen our state so miserable and I've never seen our country so miserable, ' said John Holpp, 88, who said he voted for Mr Murphy because he's 'hoping to get rid of' Mr Christie, who is term-limited.

"Congratulations to Governor-elect Northam, Lieutenant Governor-elect Fairfax, and Attorney General-elect Herring, who will all be strong leaders for progressive values in Virginia".

Democrat Ralph Northam easily defeated Republican Ed Gillespie in the closely watched race for governor. Northam listened to the educators there, getting their points of view on the challenges of reaching young learners. Charlottesville saw a 31 percent increase in turnout. "This was the most extensive, coordinated ground game in Virginia history, more extensive than any presidential". Consider last night a warm up. I mean it was a night ofotal diversity and I think that not only rejection of trump it was basically a rejection of what he stood for. Gillespie tried as much as he could to downplay his connection to Trump. She said that she didn't like the way Christie's administration ended, including the George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal, and didn't want to support his "right hand" in Guadagno. Virginia is very reflective of the rest of the country.

If Trump had not proven a drag on Virginia voters, it would demonstrate his overwhelming power to draw Americans to polls despite poor approval numbers.

The GOP will also nominate some out-and-out Trumpians. The trend of Virginia going from red to purple to reliably blue is now clear. Democrats, in short, have a chance to reshape Virginia's political landscape.

But Republicans have now been warned, officially. What's even more pathetic is that a man with a stellar reputation and good name such as Gillespie threw it in the gutter to try to win on the backs of white grievance. The contests were seen as an early referendum on Donald Trump's first year in office. In traditional battleground jurisdictions, they too will probably have their work cut out for them. These candidates will likely prevail in jurisdictions like Alabama, where Judge Moore is favored in his Senate race.

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