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Just Before Star Wars: Battlefront 2's Release, EA Drops Microtransactions For Now

20 Noviembre 2017, 02:31 | Bibiana Flor

Just Before Star Wars: Battlefront 2's Release, EA Drops Microtransactions For Now

Just Before Star Wars: Battlefront 2's Release, EA Drops Microtransactions For Now

With the recent dissolving of Visceral Studios and the stumbles with the development of its Star Wars game, it seems that EA has no idea of what to do with this great franchise.

Star Wars Battlefront II brings different items that you can find in the game, both in the campaign and in multiplayer mode. That's AFTER the initial cost of the game itself.

Throughout the rest of the game you jump between Iden and other classic Star Wars characters, all of whom are unevenly voiced by soundalikes, and it creates a very disjointed feel for the campaign. And until EA announced a loot system overhaul that doesn't ask people to spend thousands of hours grinding to unlock much of the game's content, the company doesn't deserve a pass. Just because you didn't implement the worst system ever doesn't mean the current one is good. With having to keep stuff secret from working on the game?

"We believe the postponement of microtransactions has the potential to limit upside from the game, in particular if the pause lingers late into the quarter, or EA substantially reduces the opportunities for microtransactions", he said.

All in-game purchases for Battlefront II are now removed, with all progression now exclusively tied to gameplay.

Star Wars Battlefront II is a gorgeous looking game, full of vintage Star Wars atmosphere, but controversy has surrounded the game since before it was released.

It's not surprising, considering loot boxes and microtransactions in video games are now being deemed by some as a gateway for gambling addictions in children - definitely a problem Disney does not want to promote.

And yes, we know EA cares about Star Wars, but only because it's a big license.

You can pass milestones quite easily without even thinking about it early on. Whereas Battlefront 1 launched in a woefully anemic state, Battlefront 2 is packed with fun things to do. Even with paid microtransactions out of the picture, Battlefront 2's progression system is still a confusing, unsatisfying mess.

Don't Forget About Starfighter Assaultfeelings milestones too!

Many games include those purchases, and while they have proven controversial they are usually not enough to derail the game. The surprise announcement promises the ability to purchase in-game crystals (used to purchase randomized loot boxes filled with in-game items) will return "at a later date", but "only after we've made changes to the game". One such player was John Boyega, The Force Awakens' Finn himself, who famously tweeted at the developer asking whether we'd get a single-player story mode.

Each one varies depending on the chapter in question, but you'll get anything from a couple of hundred credits to some crafting parts. Aside from the visuals, it feels like this game could've come out in 2006. Go to the Collection Tab and pick the Character. The Hero Crate can also possibly carry Star Cards for Starfighter or Troopers. I love adventure. Since then it's just been my childhood dream to write Star Wars and now I get to create a campaign that my dad is going to play, 'cause he's a huge Battlefront player.

At first, it seemed that Netherrealm Studio's latest fighting game would be a console exclusive. During the beta, a player did the math and estimated it could take 40 hours to unlock just one. "Microtransactions are there for player choice, but won't be a requirement to play or succeed at the game".

If you're gunning for the top, there is a tradeoff here.

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