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Germany Wants Brexit Progress as UK Prepares Offer

21 Noviembre 2017, 10:21 | Bibiana Flor

Germany faces uncertain political future as gov't talks fail

The chairman of the German Liberals Christian Lindner stands at his car as he leaves after exploratory talks on a coalition of the Liberals the Green Party the Christian Democrats and the Christian Social Union in Berlin Germany Sunday Nov. 19 201

Chancellor Angela Merkel's future as German Chancellor is hanging in the balance after her potential coalition partners, the Free Democrats (FDP), pulled out of talks to create a new government. It is one reason why the coalition talks have broken down, with the Greens saying any Syrian who has reached Germany should be able to bring his family into the country, while the Free Democrats say illegal immigrants should be sent back.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel leaves in her car the presidential residence Bellevue Castle in Berlin where she met the German President on November 20, 2017 after coalition talks failed overnight.

European stocks opened lower on Tuesday and the euro hit an eight-day low against sterling as a governing crisis in Germany weighed on markets.

"It is possible that the military will now move to oust Mugabe by force, but its commanders have appeared intent on giving the public impression that they are not conducting a coup - likely to preserve the veneer of legitimacy that would sustain their relationship with the international community".

"Both Saudi Arabia and Israel view arch-foe Iran as a main threat to the Middle East and increased tension between Tehran and Riyadh has fueled speculation that shared interests may push Saudi Arabia and Israel to work together".

The inability to form a government reflected the German political parties' lack of responsibility for the common good, theologian and social ethicist Joachim Wiemeyer told KNA.

Many are now asking whether Ms Merkel would have to resign, to enable the CDU/CSU to govern with any of the other parties.

London is gambling the health of all its trading and geopolitical relationships on the dubious claims of a bunch of serially disproven political hucksters and is drifting into territory that no-one, said hucksters included, seem to have a clue how to navigate. As a result, Merkel and her caretaker government will need to take shelter in a position of firm solidarity with the rest of the EU27, and especially with France. It is worth noting, too, that the clash helpfully disproves the populist narrative that Germany's over-cosy mainstream parties are just a homogeneous blob.

"When people point to Theresa May as being weak, if they want to see weak government go to Berlin", another Brexiteer, Nigel Evans, said with perhaps a hint of glee. Compared to what is at stake on the global level, the discussion on when to end the Soli looks tiny. In other words, the U.K. will improve its offer on the bill only if the EU agrees to start trade talks at the same time.

She claimed that the Chancellor could now seek to form a coalition with somebody else, with the Left-wing SPD the only realistic option remaining.

It had been hoped that Merkel's Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union party, the centre-Right Free Democratic Party, and the Green Party could come to an agreement to form a government. Or we will have new elections and deal out a new hand of cards.

Euro zone leaders were to set a direction for deeper euro zone economic integration at a summit in the middle of December, at which Germany's input is crucial.

With German leadership seen as crucial for a European Union grappling with governance reform and Britain's impending exit, FDP leader Christian Lindner's announcement that he was pulling out spooked investors and sent the euro falling in the morning.

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