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Are Rick and Daryl Headed for a Fight — The Walking Dead

09 Noviembre 2017, 02:14 | Cornelio Vivanco

Juan Gabriel Pareja as Morales

Juan Gabriel Pareja as Morales

And oh, if you're keeping score, yes of course there was a confrontation between two antagonists in which one clearly could have killed the other but lost the opportunity because he insisted on talking for too damned long. "Not just in that community". But his death was as unexpected as his arrival, and to be honest, who could really remember him anyway? This is bad news for Judith.

As some fans may have surmised, the mini lineup of Rick and Carl down on their knees at the end of season seven was a nod to the second group kneeling on the ground. How many times does this have to happen before Jesus gets over his Savior complex? It's hard to imagine his family is still intact. They talk a lot. But when someone hands you A+ material, you take it.

In last week's Episode 2, Rick and Daryl (Norman Reedus) raid a Savior outpost looking for guns that we now know aren't even there. "But that doesn't make me wrong". But in Sunday's Episode 3, Daryl shows up and immediately kills Morales, telling Rick that the guy's identity is irrelevant. Instead of shooting back at him, he told him to come out, and if he gave them intel, they would give him a vehicle and let him go. His whole spiel about becoming a "believer" and finally understanding why the war is necessary was an interesting scene, and perhaps one of the episode's most intriguing moments overall. The "All Out War" storyline starts off from there. He tells Aaron to go back and finish the fight. Rick's in danger, and Daryl saves his life. Following a trail of blood with his eyes, he sees what looks like Eric's shambling corpse stumbling away.

The unlucky victim claimed by the Saviours was Eric (Jordan Woods-Robinson), leaving boyfriend Aaron (Ross Marquand) completely broken. Something makes me suspect that he doesn't have a properly installed child safety seat in his car. An instant later, Daryl shot an arrow through Morales's head. Rick, Maggie and Ezekiel are "prizes", the only survivors Negan wants captured alive. But as soon as the captive spills what he knows, Dwight kills him. Jesus thinks people can be redeemed, and Morgan might be losing his mind, but he's right (and Tara agrees).

Did this moment look familiar from the comics at all? Daryl promptly shoots the guy dead. A few of Zeke's loyal followers tackle him, appearing to shield him from the assault. Not too long ago, he took a vow to no longer kill. It was great to see Maggie once more, and her showdown with the cowardly Gregory was a highlight.

The bullets haven't run out yet, so I guess that means it's time to dive back in to All Out War. Morgan chases after them and catches up when they inevitably fall down. He and Jesus get in a fight while everyone else stands around watching, like some schoolyard scrap. The new clues about Old Man Rick that will (hopefully) be revealed in future episodes should keep those theory engines churning. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, with the Season 1 character Morales (Juan Gabriel Pareja) returning to hold Rick at gunpoint. Maggie grudgingly relents, saying that, "He's not worth killin'".

Meanwhile, Rick and Morales are still engaged in a prolonged whisper shouting debate about who is the bigger asshole.

Ezekiel continues giving more inspirational speeches vowing that, "We will lose not one of our ranks!".

On Sunday night, Aaron led Eric to a tree, leaning him against it and holding back tears. That's when Rick woke up in the hospital during the zombie apocalypse and eventually reunited with his family at the camp set up outside Atlanta. In the process, he'd be preventing his friends from becoming any more twisted.

At least this Old Man Rick stuff is stacked with plenty of weird clues and symbols for fans to pick through. Daryl has become twisted due to the many losses he's suffered over the span of seven seasons.

"I would like to say thank you for sharing your stories", he said on Tuesday.

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