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Trump says Las Vegas shooter "sick", will discuss gun laws later

04 Octubre 2017, 05:50 | Bibiana Flor



Several firearm experts we spoke to told us those weapons can be illegally converted to automatic fire, which means they fire bullets as long as you hold down the trigger, until the clip is spent.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said lawmakers should remember the good feelings they shared when Scalise returned to the Capitol last week, more than three months after the June 14 shooting. The bill's sponsor, Rep. Jeff Duncan of SC, said it would help hunters protect their hearing.

RYAN: That bill's not scheduled now. President Trump previously supported restrictions on assault weapons, but has embraced the National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment since running for office.

Responding to questions, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said yesterday that it was a day for reflection and mourning and not to discuss political issues. We must acknowledge that lack of a USA policy to address gun violence is the reason we have much higher rates of injuries and deaths from firearms violence than other countries.

The complicated politics of guns was personified by West Virginia Sen. This awful, frightful man could concealed carry under the laws of Nevada and come to Times Square in New York City or Disneyland in Florida and just shoot away. "Nobody has that many machine guns", he said.

The shooting on Sunday have also triggered a debate on how to describe the incident.

Steve Bannon, Trump's former chief strategist and campaign manager, said a firearms pivot from Trump would be "impossible".

Despite the historic number of people killed, Trump has repeatedly stressed that the shooting could have been even worse.

"Lot of problems, I guess", Trump said.

Democrats pressed for a response.

"It really should not be legal for an American to walk into a store - a civilian - [and] buy these types of weapons". "Thank God our colleagues on the other side of the aisle have pulled back on this bill".

House Republicans do have gun legislation pending, and it would legalize the sale of silencers. Yesterday's attack will likely delay, but not permanently stop, that vote. With that in mind, Schumer also singled out another bill sponsored by many Republicans allowing concealed carry permits in one state to be recognized in others.

Mr Trump, whose position on gun control has changed over the years, gave no further detail.

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