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RIP Kinect: Microsoft stops manufacturing the motion sensing gaming controller

26 Octubre 2017, 06:22 | Bibiana Flor

Microsoft Ceases Production On The Kinect

Xbox One S Tip Get Your Free USB Adapter for Kinect

The Windows giant was careful to note that support for the device and the development of new software by third parties for the hardware is not going to see an abrupt end. This was not helped by the fact that people did not want a camera in their living rooms which was the Kinect due to privacy concerns.

The biggest factor in the Kinect's demise may be that it just wasn't much fun to play. In an exclusive interview with Co.Design, Alex Kipman, creator of the Kinect, and Matthew Lapsen, GM of Xbox Devices Marketing, revealed Microsoft has ceased production of its often-ridiculed peripheral.

Despite selling millions of units based on broken promises and unfulfilled dreams, Microsoft was intent on keeping Kinect around as a novelty device in the Xbox family. However, post launch, the pricing, and features did not meet consumer expectations.

The Kinect will continue be supported for Xbox customers, but future support for developer tools remain uncertain. This gets awfully clumsy without Kinect. The Kinect is already listed as out of stock on the Microsoft website.

Meanwhile, a video game designed for Kinect were not so many, so very soon, users lost interest in the device. For the unfamiliar, the Windows Sensor was re-launched to the market in 2012.

Following the Kinect's unbundling from Xbox One, the device quickly faded from view, but its core technology powers Microsoft's HoloLens and Cortana, and it found a home in research labs around the world as a low cost yet effective depth sensing camera. Microsoft states that the main sensor will live on as it is used in the HoloLens.

Of course, that Microsoft statement didn't mention that the spirit of the Kinect will also survive through the iPhone X, which will be available next week. This was made possible because Apple had acquired PrimeSense which created the first ever Kinect.

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