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Paul Dougan: If not now, when will we address guns?

11 Octubre 2017, 03:55 | Bibiana Flor

South Asia

A ‘Second Amendment' to India’s Constitution

This keeps happening and we keep having the same conversations.

Shopping malls, college campuses, theaters, churches and concert venues should be safe places, but if Americans aren't willing to change their thinking, we regretfully will see the killings continue.

Gun owners are reluctant to give any ground, rightfully fearing that gun control advocates will take as much as they can, and come back for more.

The mainstream media is pointing at reports that few Americans own the majority of guns in the nation.

So this isn't merely a gun control issue, and it's not merely a mental health issue. Unlike city ordinances regarding the size or location of waste receptacles, for example, regulation of potentially lethal devices such as guns (and automobiles) is not a trivial or arbitrary exercise, though opponents want to make it appear so.

We have reached a point in our history, where we seem unable to marshall the will power to confront head on and develop consensus solutions to the most serious threats to the welfare of our citizens, whether it involves the crumbling infrastructure, inadequate health care system, the proliferation of illegal and risky drugs or illegal aliens.

■ In 2016, 15,079 people were killed by a firearm (non-suicides). People with prior felony convictions that included a prison sentence exceeding one year, or misdemeanors carrying sentences of more than two years, are also prohibited from purchasing firearms.

Jimmy Kimmell went on 10-minute rant on his show after Las Vegas that could be summarized as people who support guns are morally deplorable. Even though none of the panaceas advanced by Democratic politicians would have stopped Stephen Paddock - who exhibited no signs of mental illness, radical political sentiments or criminal intent - from committing mass murder. Citizens have a right to protect themselves, but that right shouldn't infringe on others' rights to safety.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), a division of the Department of Justice, administers the GCA. Thus shootings are also short term boosts to share values. According to the National Rifle Association, the Hughes Amendment aimed to limit the number of machine guns commercially available to 150,000, but an exact number is unclear. A local news outlet called the new law "a hard-fought win". The license fee costs $200 (€170) for an initial three-year period and $90 for each subsequent three-year-long renewal. The former was designed to create a tax on uncommon weapons while the latter permits the feds to regulate firearms in interstate commerce. While I agree with this statement, if there are less guns in circulation for criminals to have access to, the gun violence should lessen as well. It doesn't address how the daunting procedural hurdle of repealing a constitutional amendment would be cleared or how public support for such a move would be marshaled. Had there been a database accessible by police, this rate of purchase would surely be a red flag.

IN is a particularly heavy supplier, providing almost one-third of the gang guns and almost one-fifth of the non-gang guns.

1% of guns used in crimes were purchased at flea markets. And like felons are denied their right to vote or DUI offenders denied their privilege to drive, we think certain people should be denied the right to own guns.

Citizen-Protectors by Jennifer Carlson is a must-read for anyone hoping to understand the gun debate through the eyes of a concealed carrier. Similarly, states could outlaw firearms if they so desired and their state constitution allowed it. MA and New Jersey require people carrying rifles and shotguns to bring along a form of ID or a firearms identification.

Patents for the Akins Accelerator were later sold to Bump Fire Systems, a competitor of Slide Fire, which also received a determination letter in 2012 approving the design.

Americans simply love their guns. Jamming those spokes is going to require a far larger stick than anything that fits through the ludicrously exaggerated "gun show loophole". In other words, a rifle still sounds like a gun even with a suppressor. Only individuals whose "principal motive" is to make a profit via sale must obtain an FFL.

Leftie columnists Nicholas Kristof and Richard Cohen regurgitated their usual proposals for restricting gun ownership, even though those proposals would not have impeded Paddock. The same applies to the general transfer of guns. So that you can lock your gun and that only you and those authorized can unlock and shoot and locate it when misplaced.

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