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NRA says it's open to regulation of bump stocks

06 Octubre 2017, 04:53 | Fidele Alvizo

The government approved selling the devices in 2010 after judging that they did not violate federal law.

Bump stocks, slide-fire devices and other accessories can accelerate a semi-automatic rifle's rate of fire from 45 to 60 rounds per minute to 400 to 800 rounds per minute, according to Feinstein's office. The National Rifle Association may see some wiggle room with bump stocks. Bump stocks, he said, seemed created to get around the laws against fully automated weapons, and he said lawmakers obviously need to figure out how to tighten up compliance and do more research to ensure that the spirit of the law is upheld.

"It strikes me as odd that it's illegal to convert a semi-automatic weapon to an automatic weapon, but apparently these bump-stocks are not illegal under the current law", said Texas Republican senator John Cornyn.

Before the Las Vegas mass shooting, few people knew about bump stocks and how they can make a semi-automatic rifle mimic a machine gun.

In a surprising announcement since the Las Vegas shooting on Sunday night, the National Rifle Association says it is open to new regulations on a gun modifier.

News 3 spoke with a local gun store owner to get a further explanation of how the devices work.

The suspected shooter, Stephen Craig Paddock, killed 59 people and hundreds more were injured, authorities said.

"We welcome that and would like to be part of that conversation".

Other lawmakers from the GOP, traditionally the pro-gun, NRA-backed party, said they were open to such a legislation.

Speaker Paul Ryan said in an interview with MSNBC that aired Thursday it's "clearly something we need to look into".

Video:How easy is it to buy guns in Las Vegas? The applied pressure causes the weapon to fire continuously.

Many of the Lee County gun shops we reached don't sell bump stocks but say they have received calls about them.

Bump stocks can be purchased and retrofitted onto weapons, commonly for less than $500 each.

"We take an oath to protect and defend the American people, we're not protecting them by not having the gun laws that are suitable to avoid gun violence", she said, as reported by CBS.

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