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My AIM Is Boo: AOL Shutting Down Instant Messenger Service

07 Octubre 2017, 12:09 | Verda Sainz

Jin Lee Bloomberg via Getty Images AOL

Jin Lee  Bloomberg via Getty Images

The first instant message was sent in 1993 by a future AOL executive, Quartz reported. AIM was first released to the public in 1997, and for around a decade it was one of the dominant forces in instant messaging, competing against MSN Messenger and Yahoo! It's still around, though, but not for much longer.

In reality, this probably has something to do with Verizon's acquisition of Yahoo, which had bought AOL previously, if you haven't been keeping track.

AIM will officially shut down on December 15 after 20 years in service, its parent company announced Friday. Its format, with screen names, away messages and buddy lists created a sub-vernacular as the internet was rocketing to prominence in all corners of society and culture.

The once-mighty internet service provider's AIM service, as it was known, was the way to quickly reach out to your friends in the late 1990s. And it captivated all of us. As we move forward, all of us at AOL (now Oath) are excited to continue building the next generation of iconic brands and life-changing products for users around the world.

In related news, AIM still exists.

The company said users will be able to use the service until the cut-off date and they will be able to download and install copies of the application until a few days before its end-of-life date. However, now we have so many other options that it's no surprise we left AIM in the dust. Since then, the iPhone, other messaging apps and social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, rose in popularity. email accounts will not be affected.

Others took the time to write out their goodbyes in the style of a classic AIM away message, with alternating capitalization and asterisks galore. The only day that could be sadder than this one is December 15, when AIM dies for good.

Users can salvage mementos from their chat logs by downloading files and images from AIM before its door closes.

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