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Motive for Las Vegas concert massacre baffles

04 Octubre 2017, 05:30 | Bibiana Flor

Las Vegas gunman’s father was on FBI’s Most Wanted list

Las Vegas gunman’s father was on FBI’s Most Wanted list

The American gunman who murdered at least 59 concert goers in Las Vegas used the identity details of his Australian live-in girlfriend to check-in to a hotel room used to commit the deadly shooting spree, police said.

Decades before authorities say Stephen Paddock opened fire Sunday evening from a high-rise hotel near the Las Vegas Strip, leading to the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history - his father was one of the FBI's most-wanted fugitives.

Danley was not believed to be involved in the shooting "at this time", law enforcement officials told reporters on Monday.

Instead, police found Paddock dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound and an arsenal of 23 firearms in the hotel room. Police recovered 19 guns, as well as explosive material and large quantities of ammunition, from the home Paddock and Danley shared.

In the hours since authorities identified Stephen Paddock as the lone gunman behind the deadliest mass shooting in modern us history, family and neighbors have described him as an unremarkable, apolitical retiree who liked to golf and gamble and had money to blow.

Mendoza said Paddock would lay into the much smaller Danley when she asked about using his casino card, which had credits from gambling that could be used to pay for things inside the casino. "It just blew me away", he said.

In the quiet cul-de-sac where Stephen Paddock lived, even his immediate neighbors say they didn't know him.

"Paddock is known as "Chrome Dome" because of a practice of completely shaving his head", the Federal Bureau of Investigation said.

The family said Marilou was a "wonderful" person and described her as kind and giving, adding that they hadn't heard from her. "The 3:49 a.m. post on the morning of the attack referenced Geary's liked pages on Facebook, naming Obama as one, and said "'Communist revolution' confirmed". He had devices attached to 12 semiautomatic rifles that allowed them to mimic fully automatic gunfire. "It's like an asteroid fell out of the sky", his brother Eric said to CNN.

The nephew lives in Queensland, Australia, and met Danley and her partner Paddock when he backpacked across America with his mother Amelia Manango - Danley was cleared by police, but that came as no surprise to Knights. She could reveal more clues about Paddock's motives when investigators interview her. "She gets to eat pizza - and I don't". Police don't think Stephen Paddock had a criminal record.

According to a 1961 article, Paddock attempted to escape a Las Vegas jail by posing as another inmate.

Trump was due to visit Las Vegas on Wednesday.

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