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Latest Play Store update hits web as version 8.2.58 [APK]

06 Octubre 2017, 07:11 | Bibiana Flor

Latest Play Store update hits web as version 8.2.58 [APK]

Latest Play Store update hits web as version 8.2.58 [APK]

Further, Google has been particularly careful with the colors and designs of its new lineup so that they are unified - perhaps it had decided that the LG-made smartwatches just don't fit in?

The fact the pair of LG watches have been listed as no longer available is different to simply being out of stock, too, since this hints towards the devices not returning altogether. However, with no exposure on the Google Store, the wearable device operating system will likely fall behind Apple's watchOS.

Android Wear Here To Stay?

A lack of new smartwatches running Google software saw Android Wear slip to third place in the first quarter of 2017, when the smartwatch market is ranked by operating system.

Now many of you might be thinking that the Assistant on the Play Store surely means it will now work on devices that do not support it as of now. In the latest move, a Google has added a Google Assistant app on the Play Store in a move to ensure faster updates. You can check out the Amazon-backed store here.

"We'll be continually looking to improve and simplify the experience, so we can answer more of your banking questions and perform more tasks", it said.

Above: New Google Store menu without the "Watches" category.

Of course, it isn't the case that Google is slowly abandoning Android Wear. Separating it from Google Store could help Google cement itself as a real hardware manufacturer, but it could affect Android Wear sales. Is Android Wear being pushed away, or does the company have plans for it? Below: Old Google Store menu with the "Watches" category. It will now only offer products made by Google, with the exception of Nest (which Google owns) and some accessories. Google's partners include Anker, Belkin, Incipio, DBrand, Under Armour, Speck, Tech21, Urbanears and Libratone.

"It's already functional on the Pixel 2. we were able to confirm it won't be a Pixel 2 exclusive". Google is just moving the lineup elsewhere.

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