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Las Vegas shooter's girlfriend tells brother she has 'clean conscience'

06 Octubre 2017, 05:24 | Bibiana Flor

US Police Find 19 Weapons in Las Vegas Gunman's Hotel Room REUTERS Mike Blake

Police crime scene tape marks a perimeter outside the Luxor Las Vegas hotel and the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino following a mass shooting at the Route 91 Festival in Las Vegas Nevada U.S

More than 500 people were injured in the attack.

"What we are going to try to do as best we can is to get our first responders back on their feet and responding and conducting a proper investigation to ensure that we have the safety of this community at heart", the sheriff said.

Lombardo gave no details on what Paddock was up to.

Investigators are still trying to trace that money and are also looking into a least a dozen financial reports over the past several weeks that said Paddock gambled more than $10,000 per day, the official said.

Video showed Aldean stopping and the crowd getting quiet as if it were unsure of what had happened.

Security guards were met by bullets as they approached the door to the suite. For example, more than 100 black people were gunned down during a mass shooting in Colfax, Louisiana, in 1873. The first call about shots fired came in at 10.08pm and the gunfire stopped at 10.19pm.

The spokesperson for The Ogden told ABC News declined to answer questions and told ABC News to talk to Las Vegas police. Seven minutes later, officers gained access to a second room of the suite. Officers quickly realized there was no one else in the rooms and announced over the radio that the suspect was down.

Paddock's brother Eric told reporters the $100,000 transfer was evidence that "Steve took care of the people he loved", and that he probably wanted to protect Danley by sending her overseas before the attack.

U.S. police say she had been living in Nevada with Paddock.

US President Donald Trump is open to considering legislation that would ban bump stocks but wants to hear more information on the matter before making a final determination, the White House said Wednesday.

John Weinreich, an executive casino host at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa at the time, said he believed that Marilou Danley frequently attended to Paddock, serving him food and pointing out which machines might be ripe for a payout.

Paddock allegedly rented multiple condos at The Ogden complex in downtown Las Vegas, which overlooked the location of the Life is Beautiful Festival.

"Was he doing pre-surveillance? And when it happened the third time, we knew something was wrong", Warren said.

"I can't get into the mind of a psychopath", Lombardo said.

The gunman, 64-year-old retired accountant Stephen Paddock, killed himself as authorities stormed his hotel room. When he appeared with the sheriff and other officials, Trump said he was praying for the recovery of those injured, noting those in law enforcement particularly.

A dozen investigators, most in Federal Bureau of Investigation jackets and all wearing blue booties to avoid contaminating the scene, documented evidence at the site where gunfire rained down and country music gave way to screams of pain and terror. She had entered the Philippines in September 15, and again on September 25, traveling on her Australian passport, Mangrobang said.

In regards to Paddock's girlfriend, Marilou Danley, police would not confirm her current location or whether or not she was still considered a person of interest, but did say that they now don't have anyone in custody.

Her sisters told Australian television that Paddock had bought Danley a ticket to the Philippines, a move they now believe was meant to allow him to plan his attack without interruption. "I was grateful, but honestly I was anxious at first that the unexpected trip home and then the money was a way of breaking up with me".

Danley and Paddock lived together in Mesquite but she was in the Philippines when Paddock allegedly carried out Sunday's massacre of 58 people at a Las Vegas country music festival. "I will cooperate fully with their investigation". "And my husband and I ran out toward our auto and there were people hiding underneath my vehicle for cover and there was a gentleman who was shot and he said, 'can you help me?' and so I put him in my vehicle and I had like six people in my auto, people without shoes, running, just to get away".

Authorities have not yet determined a motive for his actions.

The Life is lovely festival was discussed briefly during a press conference on Tuesday by Sheriff Lombardo.

"Do you think this was all accomplished on his own?"

In early 2015, he bought a modest two-story home in a new housing development for retirees on the dusty edge of Mesquite, which straddles Nevada's border with Arizona.

In Paddock's Reno home, authorities found five handguns, two shotguns and a "plethora" of ammunition.

At Paddock's home, authorities found 19 more guns, explosives and thousands of rounds of ammunition. "It's troublesome for the amount of stuff he had at both residences unassisted".

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