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Google's Pixel 2 is simple in the best ways — Review

18 Octubre 2017, 12:54 | Bibiana Flor

Google's Pixel 2 is simple in the best ways — Review

Google's Pixel 2 is simple in the best ways — Review

The likes of Shazam has long helped us in this area, to save us from desperately typing half-heard lyrics into Google - and now your Pixel phone can helpfully tell you all about any music playing around you. Meanwhile, on the right is a photo snapped with the Pixel 2 using the Pixel Visual Core.

I really like the look of it - it's got a character which some phones lack. Read on to find out.

Measuring 5in across and sporting a Full HD AMOLED panel, the Pixel 2's 441ppi display is the same as the first Pixel's on paper, but given the latter had a vibrant and bright display, that's no bad thing.

The Pixel launch should have been an easy opening, but getting one proved problematic due to limited supplies. The chip works with Google's own software to handle the company's HDR+ tech. The fingerprint sensor is in the same awkward spot on the back. It will automatically detect the music it hears playing and display details of what each song is on the lock screen of your Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL.

It may be doomed to wander this earth without a relatable human name like Alexa or Siri, but Google Assistant is constantly improving.

As you'd expect, this all combines to make for crystal clear display quality. Viewing angles appear marred by a washed out blue-ish tone, which quickly becomes uncomfortable to look at. However, this is the first time that a market leader like Google is including a dedicated image processor.

The Pixel 2 XL also features a Note 8-esque Always-On Display, which appeared to drain the battery at a lesser rate than Samsung's big-screened flagship.

"Using Pixel Visual Core, HDR+ can run 5x faster and at less than one-tenth the energy than running on the application processor (AP)". This has been an issue for affected users for nearly a month, dating back to September 20 when a frustrated Pixel XL owner on Verizon complained of the "absurd issue". Drunk-us loved this feature, but everyday us, not so much.

The competition has closed the gap significantly, however, with the HTC U11, iPhone 8, and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 capable of taking some very impressive images. In fact, the only problem I could see would be with a really sturdy case that could keep your squeeze from registering. If you're lining up a shot on the Pixel 2, there's a good chance it will come out well.

You can see the results in the image just above. For example, you probably won't have to worry about burn-in while watching a movie since things are moving at all times, but if you leave the screen on a specific app for a long time, you might see a "ghost" of it later on. Not only will the Pixel continue to get the latest updates immediately from Google itself, but it also hooks into Google services in a deep way.

I want to grab Google by the lapels and shout "What are those?!".

If you're an iPhone user considering a switch, there's enough to recommend the Pixel 2. The secondary message that a lot of people missed in their upheaval about Harris was that the new roster additions mean that spending money on middling fighters isn't an option anymore, especially if they're under-performing. Former title contenders Patrick Cote and Gabriel Gonzaga were let go, along with massive fan favorite Keith Jardine and a host of lesser known, lower tier fighters too. Google's also added some tricks, such as "Motion Photos", which are reminiscent of Apple's moving Live Photos.

Don't get me wrong, the Pixel 2 is very well made - it feels as solid as a rock. Google's home court advantage shines through and it has made two of the best phones out there.

To turn this feature off, head to Battery and then Ambient Display - or Display and then Advanced.

On the Pixel, most of those smarts are connected to the Google Assistant.

The badNo headphone jack, Active Edge is gimmicky, poor viewing angles.

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