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Google Home Can Now Be Assigned To Specific Rooms

06 Octubre 2017, 09:50 | Verda Sainz

Google Home Can Now Be Assigned To Specific Rooms

Google Home Can Now Be Assigned To Specific Rooms

Underneath a fabric speaker grille, Google has also packed in 0.7-inch tweeters, an acoustic brace and a range of far-field microphones.

The cutesy, hockey puck design of the Google Home Mini is a stylish one, and as is the trend with the current crop of smart speakers it's come mostly covered in a soft-touch mesh material. Then there was the $399 Google Home Max, an audiophile's dream with a brain that the search giant is pitting against Apple's similarly smart, and expensive, $349 HomePod.

Like its older sibling, the Mini works using Google Assistant, the company's artificially intelligent personal assistant that rivals Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana and Samsung's Bixby. Of course, you'll need to be pretty serious about your home audio setup to drop $800 on a pair of these speakers. Allowing you to ask Google Assistant to turn your lights off, adjust the temperature in your home and much more.

Google Home competes directly with Amazon Echo, but there's nothing to compare to the Echo Dot: Amazon's dinky little plug-in to make your existing sound system smart. With over 50 million voice samples in hundreds of different environments, Google is confident that they have the best voice assistant in the world. Both the Charcoal and Coral will have matching colored bases, but the Chalk colored speaker will switch it up with a white base for a nice two-tone look.

Google Home Max will support music services like YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Spotify and Pandora among others launch.

The Google Home Mini will be made available carrying a price tag of $49 starting October 19.

It's also hard not to see the device as something of a jab at Sonos.

Google is working on something much bigger than smartphones, and it's planning to bring it to more people than ever before. This feature is exactly what it sounds like - reminders and other things won't be played through Google Home, though timers and alarms will still go off at usual.

The Mini is a tiny, pill-like smart speaker that is meant for use around your house in areas the Home might not fit.

Google Home Max will launch in the USA for $US399 outright in December, with other countries to follow in 2018.

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