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Google creates 'Google Play Security Reward Program'

20 Octubre 2017, 08:50 | Bibiana Flor

In more good news for app developers, Google Play will now let them target alpha and beta tests to specific countries, an improved device catalogue for testing compatibility, improvements to subscription management and more. This large-scale developer advocacy effort is designed not only to help developers get the most out of their apps and games, but to help users get the most out of the Play Store, with new features set to affect both parties' use experiences. The company confirmed the integration on Thursday and also announced several updates to the Google Play store. More apps will be invited for this program when it will be opened for all apps. Only a handful of apps at present are Instant Apps-ready, such as the New York Times' Crossword game, BuzzFeed News, and other, but Engadget speculates the list would grow soon.

Back at Google I/O 2016, Google announced something called "Android Instant Apps." If you like it, download the full version and keep on being you.

Business leaders can try out apps without worrying about getting the security clearance to formally install it, instead focusing on how an app could help them be more productive or efficient. That can create a denial of service attack that can knock a website or service offline and make it unavailable to or unusable for others.

Malware targeting Android-based smartphones continues to be problematic for app developers and consumers. Google Play offers millions of apps (one site says 3.3 million) so it's understandable that this is a staged rollout.

We had known this for a few months that Google is planning to bring some new features to its search bar in the Google app. The main feature that is coming onboard is the ability to customise the widget.

Disguised as Minecraft skins for Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the app contained a camouflaged Android.Sockbot malware, which connects devices to servers controlled by the developers. "Use the Play Console to improve app quality, manage releases with confidence, and increase business performance", added Buch. It's made possible since Google is a tech giant that puts a ton of budget on its development teams.

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