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Google announces Pixel Visual Core co-processor for better HDR+ photos

18 Octubre 2017, 07:39 | Bibiana Flor

Google announces Pixel Visual Core co-processor for better HDR+ photos

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

Notably, Motorola and Samsung have both debuted phones with similar, always-on screens, which use clever engineering to localize power consumption at the pixel level to sip battery life. That's not a complaint, I'm just pointing out the reality of the situation.

One example might be taking a picture of a shadowy skyscraper against a bright blue sky. Meanwhile, on the right is a photo snapped with the Pixel 2 using the Pixel Visual Core. We know that it works in settings from the video above, but from a quick scan of apps, that seems to be one of the only ones to support it. In Google Maps, the button vibrates, but nothing else happens.

With a 5-inch screen and measuring in at 145.7 x 69.7 x 7.8mm it's a great size, and easy to use one handed. If you go with a lighter image, you'll get the light UI.

The company's changes to the device's cameras are mostly on the software side, but they do gain some very well received features. On the Pixel 2, the camera takes up to ten photos, many of which are underexposed so that you can nail the highlights. According to Google, both of their 2nd generation flagship devices feature a custom-designed co-processor known as the "Pixel Visual Core". I just wanted to toss it in my bag. But as soon as you turn on that screen, time suddenly becomes the least of your concerns. I really like the screen. It will also hear any song playing nearby and name that tune in about 15 seconds.

Who it's not: If you are on a budget or want the flashiest hardware, the Pixel may not be for you.

I was shocked at first (genuinely), but it has grown on me very quickly. It's like a live little icon, which is cool just because. What's more, Google manages to get a pleasant portrait effect with just a single rear camera. Google says the Pixel Visual Core is designed "to handle the most challenging imaging and machine learning applications" and that the company is "already preparing the next set of applications" designed for the hardware. No sir, it also acts as a way to silence incoming calls. While the chip is tucked away inside those new phones, it hasn't been enabled, and it won't be, until the developer preview of Android Oreo 8.1 arrives in the "coming weeks". Interestingly, the feature didn't catch the sharp eyeballs of even the top reviewers worldwide. We can't wait to see the teardowns of the Pixel 2 and make sure the phone isn't hiding any other surprises.

In a new research blog post, Google engineers Marc Levoy and Yael Pritch detail the techniques Google has been combining to enable the Pixel 2 to capture photos with smoothly blurred background areas. We're big fans of Mint SIM, thanks in part to its low-cost plans and nationwide 4G LTE coverage. It's tasteful but not alluring-the antithesis of the Candy Crush graphics we celebrate as "delight." It features a smarter Google Assistant, and now Google Lens as well, which lets you search for things in a photograph. Who are always ready to bring you the exclusive content. The challenge is, most apps, the way they think about success is primarily through engagement and activity, honestly.

Note that holding your finger on the display on the third tap will temporarily enlarge; just lift your digit again to return to the normal view. From there, choose from the short list and watch as your screen refreshes with the new setup. It's a better solution than simply leaving this key feature out, which is what Apple does with the smaller iPhone.

Phone manufacturers are fighting over who has the thinnest bezel (the frame around the smartphone screen), but they're overestimating how much casual customers will care about a few millimeters of black space.

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