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First week of testimony into Kim Jong Nam's death concludes

07 Octubre 2017, 04:35 | Bibiana Flor

First week of testimony into Kim Jong Nam's death concludes

First week of testimony into Kim Jong Nam's death concludes

The post mortem report, made available to the media, said that VX was detected on swabs of Kim Jong Nam's eyes and face, in the blood, plasma and urine. They are accused of wiping VX on Kim's face in an assassination widely thought to have been orchestrated by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The second half of the hourlong "Frontline" switches rather suddenly to the question of why Kim Jong-Un wants nukes, although I will confess that to me the answer seems obvious.

The North Korean dictator is infamous for executing his own officers, threatening the US with nuclear war and increasing hostile long-range missile tests - the latest of which prompted harsh new international sanctions by the UN. They included a type of Viagra typically used by heart patients, but he said those drugs and those conditions would not have caused Kim's swift death.

Kim Chol was the alias used by Kim Jong-nam, the 45-year-old half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, when he travelled.

Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong (L) is escorted by police as she arrives for court hearing at Shah Alam court house in Shah Alam, outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia yesterday. North Korea suffered several internet connection failures - some which lasted for hours - shortly after the Sony attack, which many suspected to be a US retaliation.

Dr. Raja told the court that a precursor of VX had been found on the victim's blazer and t-shirt, and that a pure form of the internationally-banned chemical weapon had been found on his eyes, face, blazer, and mucous membranes.

"The balance between the functions of the neurotransmitter and the enzyme cholinesterase is necessary to ensure that the process of contraction is at a normal level".

Russia's "Zapad" military exercises last month simulated a scenario where Russian forces would block NATO from luring countries, such as Belarus, towards a Western alliance.

"I told Rex Tillerson, our wonderful Secretary of State, that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man", Trump said in a tweet.

Malaysia has since been tightlipped over its diplomatic relationship with North Korea, but has yet to declare that it has cut all it ties with the dictatorship.

During cross-examination by Huong's lawyer, Shah said the autopsy was delayed a day "because of protest from the embassy".

Shah said no next-of-kin had identified the body, and he had only Kim's DNA and none from a relative, so he could not do a DNA matching test. Both women have pleaded not guilty to the charge. "What do we need to do to prevent fatal disruption to the nerve system?" prosecutor Wan Shaharuddin asked. But he turned into something of a playboy who lived mostly out of the country and fell from favor.

As of Friday afternoon, the USS Ronald Reagan, with nearly 80 aircraft on board, was in the South China Sea on its way to the shores of US ally South Korea.

On Thursday, Trump said it was "the calm before the storm" as he met with senior military leaders amid increasing tensions with the isolated nation.

A bag containing some of Kim's personal effects, including underwear, was opened, sending an unpleasant smell wafting across the room.

"This palpably shows the true nature of the the main culprit behind terrorism", it added.

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