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Egypt's El-Sisi Caught Buying Grenades from North Korea's Kim Jong Un

04 Octubre 2017, 08:22 | Bibiana Flor



This isn't a situation to take lightly.

A war of words has broken out between the governments of Japan and North Korea, with Japan throwing its weight behind American policies of sanctions and military force while North Korea threatens to unleash their nuclear arsenal on the Land of the Rising Sun.

Markey stressed there is no military solution to the North Korean nuclear threat.

Unfortunately for us, the current President of the United States is well-known for his incapability of keeping his mouth shut when he needs to, and staying off Twitter.

The report cited an unnamed intelligence source saying South Korean and U.S. intelligence detected missiles being transported away from North Korea's Missile Research and Development Facility at Sanum-dong in the northern part of Pyongyang.

SEOUL-Only the elite and selected military heavyweights in North Korea can get their cars tanked up as global sanctions start to bite. But it would be unlikely to diminish the resolve of this regime and could prompt retaliation, with the risk of unleashing conflict that spirals out of control.

Ja Song Nam, Pyongyang's ambassador to the United Nations, said Washington's campaign to get countries to implement "illegal and unjustifiable" sanctions on North Korea was part of a "frantic attempt to completely block our peaceful economy for people's everyday lives and humanitarian cooperation".

Now, one might think: "Oh, they're just exaggerating!"

"No one wants to talk about North Korea", said Suleski during the panel.

Referring to claim that " route of ship with anti-tank shells is corn" in Washington Post, Abu Zaid said that sanctions Committee's report does not include such information remotely or closely.

I also discussed diplomacy on my podcast with Michèle Flournoy, the head of the Center for a New American Security and a former top US defense official.

During his meetings in Beijing, the Chinese assured Tillerson they would implement the United Nations sanctions and press their local authorities near North Korea's border to stamp out banned activity, according to a State Department official familiar with the talks. He noted that there's been both Republican and Democratic administrations in the past that have been disappointed in the end with diplomatic initiatives to Pyongyang. Similarly, although North Korea has conducted nuclear test before, the recent one was likely a hydrogen bomb, which is much more powerful than regular atomic bomb. Abe continued, "Over the course of more than a decade beginning in 1994, the global community continued its efforts towards dialogue with North Korea with great perseverance, first through the Agreed Framework, and later through the Six-Party Talks". However, if the Trump administration walks away from the Iran agreement without cause, North Korea will see that as proof that the US cannot be trusted, which could amount to a fatal blow to the only viable path out of the woods with North Korea.

The extravagances of Kim Jong Un's penthouse lifestyle and the quantities of luxury goods he imports each year to purchase the loyalty of the regime's elites are truly staggering.

Tensions on the peninsula are high, and given the direction in which we are headed, some form of conflict could well be on the horizon.

Mattis suggested that the Trump administration was exploring a host of ways to influence the North, including through diplomacy.

Amid all the threats, however, some level of U.S.

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