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Did Stephen Paddock Act Alone? Investigators Looking For Mystery Woman

06 Octubre 2017, 07:26 | Bibiana Flor

Shooting in Las Vegas Leaves 20 Dead Getty Images

Mass Shooting at Las Vegas Concert

The FBI will continue to question Paddock's girlfriend Marilou Danley throughout the coming days after she returned to the us from the Philippines on Tuesday. The investigators are also searching for the motive through Stephen Paddock's girlfriend, who already denied the knowledge about the attack, but is now cooperating with the investigation.

"Like all Filipinos overseas, I was excited to go home and see family and friends", Danley said in a statement read by her lawyer, which came after federal agents had greeted her at Los Angeles International Airport and taken her to FBI offices for questioning.

Two months later, Paddock booked rooms at the 32nd floor in the Mandalay Bay hotel and fired at the crowd attending a music festival, leaving 58 people killed and more than 500 injured.

Paddock's girlfriend said on Wednesday she had no idea that he was plotting a massacre when he asked her to visit family in the Philippines.

She called him a "caring quiet man". "That's the one in this one, and we are not there yet", FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was quoted by The Associated Press as saying. He also wired $100,000 to her on October 1. He said it was unclear why Paddock rented a room at the Ogden.

It is the worst mass shooting in modern American history.

Also, the weekend before the Las Vegas bloodbath, Paddock rented via Airbnb - and checked into - a condo in a 21-story luxury building in Las Vegas that overlooked the Life is lovely alternative music festival, Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said Tuesday. Las Vegas police said they did not find a suicide note after entering the hotel room. Matthew Lombard, her attorney, said that he and his client are now cooperating with the FBI and #Las Vegas police about the investigation. Besides the casualties, a total of 489 people were injured in the attack and 317 have been released from hospitals. "But we are looking. because we keyed on that too, sir", the sheriff said.

Authorities ruled her out as an accomplice to the attack early on in the investigation, though she is working with a lawyer.

Employees at the vehicle dealership tell CBS News Danley was "extremely complimentary" of her boyfriend, adding that he "saved her" from an abusive relationship with her former husband.

"It never occurred to me in any way whatsoever that he was planning violence against anyone", she said.

The sisters, who remained anonymous, said Ms Danley could be the only one to identify Paddock's motive.

Police found the 64-year-old former accountant dead in a room on the 32nd floor of a hotel after he sprayed bullets on concert-goers below, injuring almost 500.

More "Bump Stocks" Than Previously Believed: Almost immediately after the shooting, investigators knew that Paddock must have used bump-stock devices that would allow his semi-automatic weapons to fire like automatic ones.

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